CURRY TIME! (avert your eyes, vegetarians)

I can’t recall where this all started, but Hairy set up a date for us to eat curry in Los Altos with my bro and his lady at this curry place called Muracci’s. They just opened a new location on the Peninsula, but they are only open until 6pm! So Hairy and I raced down to Los Altos on Saturday afternoon to eat this stuff. There is a Muracci’s by his work, and he wanted us all to give it a try. I am not a big curry aficionado because it’s usually too SPICY for me, and I am a spice-weenie. But at Muracci’s you can adjust the level of your spice. The mild is a teeeny bit spicy, but nothing catastrophic leading to me crying, gagging, or spitting my food out.

Here’s me in front of the sign. Apparently, the cartoon is of the son of Muracci. Or, somebody’s son…

We started off with a pickle assortment, or what Hairy tells me white people often call a “relish tray.”

Okay, this is the epic HAMBURGER PATTY curry that my brother ordered… WITH CHEESE. This is like 10 heart attacks on one plate.

Here is Hairy’s plate, fried pork katsu curry with extra spinach. Extra spicy.

I think he was pretty pumped about it.

I actually cropped myself out of that picture because I didn’t know I was going to be in it, and it was like the most unflattering “I’m eating stuff and nobody can see me” shot ever.

Here is what Jaci ordered, chicken curry with extra spinach.

I think I will order this next time, because I ordered the FRIED chicken katsu curry. I was afraid the regular chicken would be dry, but look at that tasty, moist chicken!!!

So if you ever down in Los Altos before 6pm, go visit Muracci’s! It’s pretty yum yum!! Plus, if you are a yarn-y peep, it’s right across the street from Uncommon Threads, which was sadly closed by the time we got there, but all the ladies who work there are super nice!

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  • Priscila Zimmer


    Ohhh! Love your hoodie!

  • claire


    Yeah! Where is that hoodie from? It’s so cute

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