How to Be Hip

This weekend, my family went to Luce for dinner to celebrate my mom’s bday. The restaurant just got its first Michelin Star. It was pretty num num, and all the plates were really pretty!

Since I’d just gotten back from Vegas, my mom told me not to sweat her bday prezzie just yet, but I wanted to sweat it anyway!!! I thought it would be yummy for Hairy to whip up a lobster bisque!

We went to Ranch 99 before meeting everyone for dinner to procure our lobster.

But apparently my mom also had a birthday request: zipper danglies! She wanted cherries, lemons, and grapes. I said, “That’s a LOT of purse danglies!!!” and she said, “Yeah, that’s what makes it HIP!!”

I’m still working on the grapes, and then these guys will get felted. And I will be soon sending a re-fill to And I have to finish up my taxes. And I’m also working on a fun 5-part project to be revealed in about 2 weeks….here’s a sneak!

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12 Replies to “How to Be Hip”

  1. xtine says:

    SO CUTE! You inspire me to get better at knitting!

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      omg i want to get better at knitting, too! for serious!!!!!! i hope i have time to this year! i want to make sweaters!

      1. xtine says:

        We our powers combined, we could make a lot of people super cute and super warm! haha

  2. Tessel says:

    So sweet! Btw: When will your book come out? Will the gingerbread pattern be in there?
    And are those zipper danglies hard to make? (they were crocheted, right? I’m such a dork πŸ˜› ) Because right now I can only crochet things like scarfs…

  3. Brigitte says:

    I totally agree with your mom πŸ˜€ zipper pulls FTW!

  4. Fay says:

    I LOVE the chick cup holder thingy, so freakin’ adorable!

    Your Mom has it right, the more the better!! Loving on the lemon too.

    I can’t wait for more Twinkie Chan excellence!


  5. Caz says:

    I love the zipper danglies!!! Excited about the 5 part project….having it in parts is deffinately making me even more excited πŸ˜€ maybe I get excited to easily??? πŸ˜›

  6. Emily says:

    purse danglies are hip! Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  7. Jules Chan says:

    How cool to have a ‘hip’ mum that know what she wants!! Happy Birthday to her….

  8. Stavroula says:

    Oh, i thought i thaw a thickie, yeth yeth i did thaw a thickie!

    Thooo cute πŸ˜€

  9. Sandy says:

    The danglies are the cutest!!!

  10. Airemiss says:

    very fabulous. i have been wanting to try out grapes. i have been eying some instructions on them for almost a week.

    happy birthday to your mom!


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