VLOG- #1 – Magic/Pool Tradeshow, Las Vegas

10 Comments on “VLOG- #1 – Magic/Pool Tradeshow, Las Vegas”

  • Kim Bishop


    I love how blatantly honest you are with everyone. It’s admirable and also good for laughs sometimes.

    • When I’m at home, I also like to announce when I’m going to make a #2. I don’t think Hairy appreciate it. HAHHA 🙂

  • Elysse


    that necklace rules! have a safe trip!

    • Thank you! Everyone keeps asking me if I made it!!! AHHHHHH.

  • rachee


    as always ur adorable!! have a fun trip and take lots of pics!!

  • Mike


    You have a lot to say about nothing and that’s why I love you! lol You are the coolest person EVER!

  • Sylvette Marie


    Happy Valentine Hugs for you my ciber friend…

  • Emily


    Zits always know when to pop up! Boo!

    Can’t wait to see the photos from your trip, not your zit! LOL

  • Colleen


    Awwww… I’m so excited for you! 🙂

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