Less sleep = Less Filter for Bad Photobooth Photos

This weekend my big project has been to do all my California sales tax stuffs and also take photos for the book, so I took about ten bazillion (okay, more like 800) the past two nights and have been editing them as I go.

My goals for 2010 were to get better at knitting and to learn how to sew on a sewing machine.

But I need to make my two other goals: actually learn about photography and my camera, and actually learn how to photoshop properly!!!

I basically just wing everything and make it up as I go, but I’m starting to get really sensitive about how shoddy my work is, so I need to work on those skills when I have more time!

For now, since a lot of you probably don’t follow me on Twitter or see my TwitPics, I’ll dump some Photobooth pics on you. Every now and again while I’m working, I’ll take a random snap or two on the webcam! Please note, these are all usually taken well past 4am, 5am, or even 6am!

Yes, Bibi does help with work by simply oozing cuteness and wrinkles. And she does have a tiny booboo on her forehead. When I take her to my parents’ house to run around in the yard, she likes to dart in and out of the bushes and doesn’t care if it rips up her head!! We joke about needing to get her a special outdoor helmet….

Okay, this is when I was showing Candace my teeth because she didn’t think they were crooked. The she said this look was bad-ass cuz it looked like the Avatar angry face. AHAAHHHAHHA.

Okay, my goal for the book photos was to wear a different outfit for every item I had to shoot, and have that outfit actually coordinate or look okay with that item. It was kinda hard, and I just ended up snapping photos of several items with each outfit. I thought a long time about what to shoot my Bomb Pop scarf in….and ultimately I decided to try to evoke summertime and popsicles by wearing a bathing suit. I NEVER WEAR A BATHING SUIT. I don’t like the sun and I don’t intend to hang out in it. Plus I have become really big-thighed and I am embarrassed to show anything above my shins in public. Sooo, I also put on shorts. Bathing suit with cut-out sides + shorts = MUFFIN TOP CITY!!!!! I swear, the actual photos don’t look this scary, but I was really scared of my own self at the time. This was probably at like 5:30 in the morning after having already shoot a couple hundred other photos.

Ummm ok, Hairy took this next one with his phone. I LOVE this dress, and it looks totally fine when it’s on me, but I can’t for the life of me get it off myself. It’s like it suctions on like a second skin or something. I ran upstairs to ask Hairy for help, cuz this was as far as I could go!!! After he showed me the pic, I told him he wasn’t allowed to post it anywhere cuz it was so embarassing and my belly is all over the place, but after 24 hrs, now I just think it’s funny!

And finally, after burning your eyes out with the above picture, I will leave you with an actually cute outfit. HAhahha. This was mere minutes after I was in the bathing suit.

39 Comments on “Less sleep = Less Filter for Bad Photobooth Photos”

  • Chloe


    This is a really cute swimsuit! Where’s it from?

    • Probably Delia’s but I can’t remember! It was probably from last year.

      • Chloe


        IT is Delias!!! And it’s now on sale!


        Thanks much!!!

  • mel


    awwww, your adorable no matter what, i wanna draw the last photo though, lol.

    • aw if you do, i wanna see it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Elysse


    I can help you with your goal of learning to sew on a sewing machine! I couldn’t help but laugh at your different outfits because I tried to imagine myself doing that, and it wouldn’t work. All of my outfits look the same!

    Maybe I should trade you sewing machine lessons for shopping guidance.

    • omg i do not know how to shop. i probably try to pick the ugliest and weirdest things because i often dress for humor. are you down for that? hehehhheheheeh

  • Meech


    Learning to knit will be easy for you since you’re so good at crochet ๐Ÿ™‚

    Plus, I totally have dressed like that! You get them on, they fit perfectly but you’ll NEVER get it off by yourself xD

    • It’s also hard when you don’t want to mess up your hair or makeup!!!

  • Hanna


    Aww! The outfits look so cute! & you do too!

  • piper....


    where did you get the bear dress/ jumper?

  • Ack!! Twinkie you look so cute in my teddy bear dress!!! Thanks so much for sending photos!!!

    • IT is really adorable, Brandy! So fun!!! THanks for your patience!!

  • Emily


    LOL!!!! I think we all have clothes that go on and fit just fine, but you just can’t take it off without help! As long as it doesn’t happen in the dressing room!

    • OMG yes that would be tragic!!!!!!

  • Cara


    I’d give a limb or a toe or something for that outfit in the last photo! Cute attack!

  • Sylvette Marie


    how can you stay up all night. ???

    I have to sleep like 8 hours jjejejeje love your pics …..

    • i like sleep, too! i just sleep different hours than normal people ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sare


    you crack me up twinkie! in a good way of course ;D

    • aw good!! hehheheh that’s what i hope! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • megan


    Aw, lol, those are all really cute! The one with you trying to get out of the dress is especially funny. ๐Ÿ™‚ I really like the bathing suit!

  • Sandy


    The pics are hilarious! And I really love your tatoos. I can’t believe you have a “Jolly” ice cream on your arm. This is probably called differently in the US – it used to be my fav ice cream as a kid.
    I totally understand the undressing dresses problem – thatร„s probably the reason why I never wear any (+ ugly legs hahaha)


  • Dahlia


    You sound a bit petty when you complain about your weight. You obviously don’t have a weight problem. I’m sure many of your readers are a lot bigger than you are.

    • I think we are all allowed our own insecurities about ourselves, whether they seem petty to others or not. They are my feelings and they are as equally valid and real as anyone else’s. That’s my thought at least!

  • chinamommy


    i got stuck in a shirt in a dressing room once… it was horrible, i was stuck down in it – you know with my head inside the shirt and it wasn’t movin’… so i just bought it!
    ps-i complain about how i look too & i won’t share my weight but it’s under 97 lbs… i think you’re funny!!

  • Elishca


    Hey there T, do u read ur emails? havent received any rep. anyhoo, nice day now!

    • Hey there yes I do read my emails, but my mail app is broken on my computer and webmail is really hard for me to use given the volume of email I receive everyday! Sorry if I haven’t responded!!!! Email is not my friend right now!

  • Abby


    I have to laugh at the photo of you with that dress pulled up. I’ve had that happen many times and my daughter sometimes runs to me looking like that if a top or dress gets stuck when she tries to get it off. For some reason, the photo makes you look like a midget. I know you are petite, but not that small. The dress issue can be taken care of with a zipper. Then you don’t need help getting in and out of it.

  • dilly dob dornton


    Nice nose.


  • Ellyssa


    I LOVE ur swimsuit! I think you look awesome in it. I work out all the time and I still have some fat on the side of my hip. I think you look really adorable in it! You look uber cute in the teddy dres too.

  • Ellyssa


    OH yeah Twinkie, did you knit that cute little pancake pillow?

    • It’s a actually a pancake HAT! I made it as a sample for Yummy You but we never put it into production.

      • Ellyssa


        OH really? Its really cute. A little long though, my head is kinda short lol. Its soo cute. Its too bad u didn’t put it into production.

        • HEhe it was meant to be a slouchy hat sort of, so a lot of it would just hang off the back of your head. I think it was a bit too weird for my partner company to get behind ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Ellyssa


            LOL! *weird* alot of your customers are food lovers so they would love it, I think!! lol definitely should be selling them or even make a pancake pillow. I love pancakes and cant seem to find a pancake related item such as a pillow online lol.

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