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I was looking on Etsy for a bracelet that was 100% conversation hearts (no beads, other weird charms or jewels) but I couldn’t find any, so I asked my talented friend Teiva from Faeriesmak if she could make me one so I could buy it off her!

I love it! It’s perfect!!! I love even the tiny imperfections in the red letters and the realistic texture she got on the candies!!! LOVE IT!!! I promise to take better pics of it when I set up my lights.

I have ONE extra and I can’t decide whether to sell it on Etsy or include it in a cute blog givewaway.

What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day? I have never been a big fan of it. I LOVE the AESTHETICS of it, but I don’t want to feel obligated to buy a ton of stuff for my S.O. or feel extra romantic or whatever just because it’s a certain day on the calendar. Hairy and I end up getting each other rando presents throughout the year, so I always think Valentine’s Day is a funny day to hit Red Lobster or something!! HAHA but then it’s so crowded everywhere that now I just don’t want to go anywhere on ANY holiday!!!! (insert story about St. Patty’s Day debacle.)

Anyway, since I have been so super busy, I don’t know if I’ll have time to do a Valentine’s day update in my Etsy shop, but I’ll try. Every day, something new comes up that I need to complete, so it’s really hard to plan!!!! Cross your fingers!

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  • Sandy


    I love the conversation hearts, I ate tons when I was a kid. These days they are pretty hard to find and they don’t taste the same any more.
    Over here Valentine’s day is pretty boring, nothing compared to the US. Basically people buy flowers for all the people they “love” or feel obliged to give flowers to. I love all the nice products you can buy around Valentine’s but I also don’t like the fuss about it.


  • Mintii


    Sometimes I feel like stockpiling Hello Kitty and Pokemon Valentine cards to give out year-round to my friends.
    Valentine’s Day candy is great to buy after Valentines because it’s all so cheap (same with Easter).

    Those are two things I feel about Valentine’s Day now that i’m an adult.

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