BF and BFF BDay Extravaganza!

So Manda and Hairy have bdays one day apart. I sorta feel bad cuz I feel like their special days get melded together, but at least we all like each other’s presence, so it works out okay!

For Manda’s Bday we went to our favorite, bro-y, Palo Alto spots: Miyake and Blue Chalk. Miyake is a sushi bar where the highlights are not the food, but the fog machine, disco lights, and drunk 20somethings standing on chairs while chanting about and downing SAKE BOMBS!  Let’s just say that this evening has led to MANY a good story. It is so incriminating, that all infos remain top secret. All I will write here as a placemarker for our memories is:

A loooong time ago Manda once requested that I make her a scarf, so I finally made good on that request for her bday present: a rainbow cupcake scarf!! Some of the colors, like red and orange, look the same in this photo, but rest assured, there were 8 different colors of cupcakes in this thing!

Manda has ALWAYS loved rainbows, for as far as I can remember. If I had online access to her giant photo collection from college, I would have showed you the rainbow painted on her face and her giant favorite blue plaid overalls!

For Hairy’s bday, we had dinner at Farmer Brown whose tag line is “farm-fresh soul food.”

You always win with beverages served in mason jars. I got an Arnold Palmer!

Instead of bread, they serve you little jalapeno corn bread muffins. They were warm and yummy!

Due to the dark lighting conditions, we didn’t really get any other pics except of this hot sauce:

Manda and I got fried chicken with mac n cheese and southern greens, and Hairy got a pulled pork sandwich with housemade potato chips as well as two sides: brussel sprouts and cheezy grits! We also shared some sweet potato steak fries. Yum yum! Since we are giant pigs, we also got dessert: one red velvet cake and one meyer lemon cheesecake, and some french press coffee. Holy. Wow.

To end this entry on a high note, my prezzie to Hairy was a 6 month-membership to the Cheese of the Month club. I used to ban cheese from my house because I love it so much and will eat it till I am a thousand pounds, so I have no excuse for the evil I have introduced into our household. I promise to blog about our monthly cheese delivery (3 kinds of cheese each month!!!!).

I kinda want to put the happy cheese on a tshirt!

14 Comments on “BF and BFF BDay Extravaganza!”

  • The cramped hand


    I’m from Wisconsin were we deep fry cheese , anything with cheese is better.
    Would definitely love a cheese T-shirt.

    • My old client from Wisconsin once sent me a cheeesehead! It was way cool.

  • brandy


    Can you please post the link to the cheese of the month club? I googled it but it said the link was broken. I think my husband would love something like this for his birthday. Thanks for being so awesome! I enjoy reading your blog and following all of your cuteness and craftiness. Thanks!

  • Jules Chan


    Thats sweet, Manda mustve loved her scarf. That cheese would look very cute on a T : )

    • Cheese Tees for all my friends!!!!

  • Sandy


    I can’t believe that there is a “Cheese of the Month” Club…. that’s hilarious. You Americans have the funniest ideas *lol* I have to check whether we have something like that here in Europe. I do know of a chocolate club in Germany where you get monthly packages full of chocolate goodies from all over the world. But then chocolate is easier to keep fresh than cheese…

  • Tanya


    You guys sound like fun people! I would definately wear a cheese T. Oh and the rainbow cupcake scarf was magnificent!

  • Emily


    That’s awesome!! I should save and get my brother a membership for his birthday, too! I never thought of this!

  • holy moly Farmer brown sounds amazing! I’m going to San Fran again in July for 4 days and I’m going to eat there. I ALWAYS get overwelmed when i go there, so many wonderful things to eat and such a small tummy in comparision. thanks!!

  • Kira


    Oh wow…that’s an AMAZING scarf. That’s totally the best scarf ever. Rainbows are my favorite things, I wear tons of rainbow bracelets everyday, and cupcakes are my favorite food 😀 Twinkie, you’re a beast.

  • Sara-Chan


    My god, the same thing happens with me Twinkie, I mean.. DAD gets this pack of cream cheddar cooked cheese and the next day, he wakes up in the morning, goes to the fridge, looks for the cheese, then I wake up to “SAAAAAAAARRRRRAAAAAAAAA” .. I eat cheese packs as snacks, and I get like 1000 pounds xD

  • Tamz


    “eat of us” *snorts with laughter*

    Jam jars do make for good drinking. Gives for more authentic moonshine type shenanigans.

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