Springtime in November

This is what my coffee table/work table looks like right now! I love spring-y, candy-like colors. I really want a coat in a cute candy color but all the coats seem to be in fall colors right now, and fall colors/jewel tones are NOT MY FAV!!!! I’m prepping a bunch of zipper pouches and hair bows to be felted. I need to make a few more pouches before these are ready to be popped in the washing machine!

In other random news, I’d been wearing my hair in pigtails a lot with the bangs down because I am lazy. A) I don’t have to draw on my eyebrows. B) I don’t have to curl or fluff my hairz.

Today is the 1st day in a while that I actually fluffed again!

Last night, I was on the hunt for a particular kind of red button, but then I fell in love with LOTS of buttons on Etsy!

I really want the heart-shaped ones, but I am holding back since the fundages run low whenever I prep for shows!

Finally, please check out this very cute giveaway at My Paper Crane’s blog!!! It’s really awesome. You won’t regret it. I never win giveaways. I don’t know why I keep trying :P.

15 Comments on “Springtime in November”

  • nel


    i never win giveaways either. =(

    • I figure SOMEBODY has to win! It could be you or me!

  • Stavroula


    OMG! I just love the colors you used for the pouches, reminds me of ice cream, id take a bite of em with pleasure hehe :o)
    As for the coat, since you mentioned it, i just ordered today from YesStyle a reaaaaaaaaaal cute hooded jacket with big white fleece pockets in a fuschia/pink color cause i hate all these browny dead autumn colors lol i like to be dressed colorful the whole year around!

  • Maggi


    Those pouches are going to be so cute! Good luck with the giveaway, maybe this time will be your turn! 😀

  • vivianna


    I never win giveaways either!

  • Emily


    I never win, either! But I always enter! One of these days! LOL!!

    And you look tres cute in pigtails. I can’t sport that look anymore. haha

  • Jules Chan


    Hairs still looking cute by the way.

  • cute cute!! I love your hair each way, but i can totally compare to wanting to take it easy somedays with the hair. I have been known to just brush, create a 2 bobby pin pomp and continue on wiht my day.

  • anon


    I notice you raise your eyebrows a lot. I also remember you mentioned noticing wrinkles on your face. I think the two could possibly be related.

    • I’m also in approaching my mid-30s so I think wrinkles will be par for the course!

  • emma_G


    Hi Twinkie

    don’t give up on entering giveaways 🙂 I was just recently lucky enough to win a giveaway.

    And those colors you’re using now are sooo GORGEOUS!!!

  • Jump


    twinkie, i think you’re unique. and i’m not trying to be rude here. but don’t you feel you look very odd sometimes? brave though!

  • Jacqueline


    Aw, I love your hair in pigtails! So cute!

  • Just rock your wrinkly wierdness dude.

  • Lelaina


    i hope you win!! ive only ever won a meat tray when i was vegetarian. oh! and a prince album. lovesexy. he’s naked on the cover. i was 8 🙂

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