Me Make Monster!

Hey, Gang!

Okay, so I know this is not an Etsy update post…but I’m working on it!! I’ve decided to do a ton of handsewn beading, so now it’s taking forever!!! AHHHH!!

Anyway, this post is about Jenny Harada’s book she is working on for F+W, called Me Make Monster! I will be contributing a pattern to it!! And if you go to her blog, it appears she is still looking for some mons-tributions!

I am not known for being a monster-maker, but I sort of combined my foodie tendencies with some creature features to come up with a fun (and hopefully not too confusing) project!

Here’s a sneakity peakity:

Sorry I never got a chance to take a decent picture of it!!! I concocted it and made samples of it in a hurry to ship it off!!

Last night, we unexpectedly ate dinner at Dessert Republic and then somehow ended up BOWLING!!!

I only had my phone to take a video snip, so here are a few seconds of Rock n Bowl for ya!

Um, I rule. That’s me with 2 strikes in a row. Unfortch, I didn’t make the turkey!

I leave you with a cute picture of Bibi….being … cute. Hairy had piled up some pillows for himself on the couch, and Bibi helped herself to them!

2 Comments on “Me Make Monster!”

  • mel


    awwww i wants the monster!

    • I will try to make some to sell after the book comes out 🙂

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