Finally! Pics & Vids from Europe! Part 1!

I finally got took some time to sift thru the videos and pics from the vacation I took with some of my family and Hairy this June. We went to Florence and Paris. This first installment is from Florence!

Here is the video montage! I didn’t edit it very much or put music over it. For some reason, I felt like it was best to leave it as natural as possible!

Florence 09! from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo.

Tons more pics behind the cut!
(Oh, p.s. if the video says you can’t see it on this site, just click on it, and you will be taken to Vimeo!)

This is a shot of Hairy napping with the panda neck-rest-thingie we bought at the airport! I recall naming him, but cannot recall the actual name!

Here’s me and mom in front of some stuff.

This one got edited really funky. Sorry about that.


Me no likey wind.

This is Hairy’s attempt at a jumping pic. We are in Tuscany for the day.

We stopped by this little town, where they had a really well-known shop for cured meats. Hairy got a giant block of proscuitto. And took a photo with a boar.

In Tuscany, we also stopped at a little castle town, but instead of seeing the town, I had a frozen coffee drink and Hairy waited in line for a busted bathroom. Also, we took pics of this communist propaganda. Hairy has a thing for it.

Afterward, we drove to another town for dinner. The food was REALLY good. I’m sad we didn’t get any pics. One of the courses was giant sausages and beans. My aunts started getting really gross and calling the sausages “David”s, as in, the naked sculpture of David. “You ate a WHOLE David?” “isn’t EVERYONE eating a whole David?!” “No, we all only ate HALF a David!!” Please note, these convos were happening in Chinese, except, of course, for the word “David.”

One day, we decided to take a 2 hour train ride to Milan. I was not feeling well in the “I’ve got the doodoos” way. Also, it was really really BRIGHT and HOT!

We wanted to eat lunch, but didn’t really know where any good food spots were. We decided to stop at this little cafe because the dessert display in their window was AMAZING. Turns out, we probably picked the most expensive place to eat sandwiches ever. I think my little plate of sandwiches totaled 40 euros or something like that! I kind of didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

The reason why Hairy and I have all these self-shot pics of ourselves is because I decided we should document every morning that we were ready for the rest of the family. We were always instructed to meet downstairs, outside the hotel, but it’s like, we were always just standin’ around for days waiting for people to be ready. This was astonishing because we are usually tardy people.

Here we are outside the the Uffizi Museum back in Florence. My Aunt Kathy had gotten us tickets the day before, so we were waiting for our time to come around.

We were kinda sitting around for a while.

That kinda looks like the last of my semi interesting Italy pics. Next installment: PARIS!

15 Comments on “Finally! Pics & Vids from Europe! Part 1!”

  • Nicoletta


    i live in Tuscany!
    Elba island!

    • there’s an island in tuscany? i had no idea!

  • San Smith


    ahhh those sandwiches look delicious! I love how colorful you and Hairy are 🙂

    • they were really spendy, but i must say, really yummy!

  • marianne


    ahhh, i can’t wait for the next installment! this was awesome.

    • maybe i’ll try to do that tonight!

  • Ellen the Alien


    lovin the pic of Hairy n the boar. too funny!

    the vid didn’t want to work for me here, but i’m glad it did on Vimeo! 🙂

    those sammiches look AHH-mazing! n i’m lovin the architecture. 😉

    • i wonder if vimeo wont play directly because i don’t pay for the better subscription. oh well!!!!!

  • Elysse


    Aw, that reminds me of my first trip to Italy…a long time ago. Florence was our last stop though.

    yay cute! you have inspired me for my up and coming trip to the UK to take lots of cute photos and videos.

    • yezzzzzzzzz!!!!! cherish your moments 4evrrrr!!!!!

  • pandabomb


    These pictures are absolutely wonderful. I never get the chance to travel, but when I do, I’m definitely going to Florence.

    My personal favorite pic is Hairy’s “jumping” picture.

  • Jules Chan


    Lovely look at Florence, and also nice to see your family… none of them have PINK hair!!!!

    • i am clearly a genetic mutation!

  • Nicoletta


    oh, yes!
    your name is ELBA island…beautiful!

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