Renegade Craft Fair, San Francisco (re-cap!)

I wish I had taken more video and more photos! Oh well!

It was kind of a whirlwind weekend. The night before the fair, I was finishing up my t-shirts, heat-sealing the ends of ribbon over a cupcake candle, printing photos for my album, and Hairy and I even dragged out all the big pieces of booth furniture into the garage to figure out how to lay everything out!

I think the booth turned out pretty well for not having been planned very well… 😛 There are things I would change and futz with. I would want to focus more on how the inside of the fridge was displayed and organized, but all in all, I think a lot of people were really delighted we even had a real fridge!

I had a difficult time figuring out how to display the ice cream cone scarf in the freezer and still have it look cute. It’s a small, deep space, so it didn’t highlight that scarf very well :(. Also, I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to put my customer pics on the fridge. I discovered that the inside of the fridge door is not magnetic!!! I could have taped all the faux-laroids to the inside of the door which was visible, but I didn’t want to ruin the pics, either. I have to think about how to deal with that later!

Here’s me and Nel/becausemaybe. I’d never met her in person before, but we are internetz buddies! There she is being goofy in her salad cowl/neckwarmer!

Okay, that’s a terrible photo of me, but I had to get a picture of these guys. They are awesome! They are Jules’ god sons. We talked about finger-weaving, and the younger one is crocheting!!! I love that!!! They were really polite and nice. I loved them!

Here’s me and the gal who wanted me to sign her layer cake tissue cozy. So sweet! She was very nice and patient as Manda tried to figure out the video/photo settings on my camera! I think this was the first time someone asked me to sign a crochet piece! It was kind of hard to write on crochet…I was so afraid I was just messing it all up and drawing an ink blob!

When these guys approached the booth, I felt like I was going to get the smack down from the Color Mafia!!! How cool do they all look together with their candy rainbow hair!? I’m always delighted to see Marissa and Josh, and I was uber-delighted to finally meet Irene and also another Stephanie who also has a bf named Matt!

My last photo is of Dorklandia’s ice cream cart!!! This was such a GENIUS idea!!! She made ice-cream plushies and kits for making the plushies, and she pushed this ice cream cart around and ringed her bell all over the fair. MY GOD!!! SO BRILLIANT!!!! I couldn’t stop going on about how I thought she was the smartest person at the fair!

I do have a short video montage, but since I’m still on Hairy’s computer, I can’t get it to save and upload properly. Will have to wait until I get my own computer back, I think!

Hairy and I ran around the other booths really quickly, in like 15 minutes!!!! There were SOOO many booths. You could have shopped for hours. I am sure I missed a lot. But I just felt bad about leaving anyone else to man my booth while I shopped. I need to get over that. I want to see everyone else’s goodies!

It was really cool to be able to see other people try my scarves on, though. I don’t get to see a lot of that. Everyone looked so cute in them!!! I really appreciate everyone who came by to say hi. I got to meet MaryBeth who I’d bought stuff from on etsy before, Debbie who makes AWESOME cakes, Star who I know to be an amazing digital artist but from glancing at her blog seems to be a mistress of many talents, my amazing helpers Rita and Catherine who visited from Las Vegas, and now my brain becomes mush so I’m sorry if I forget to name names and post URLs!!! Oh yeah, I hope Amy posts her photos before 2010. She asked me to Vanna White next to my sign/banner and promised all unflattering and unclassy photos to be posted to the infamous internet.

SOOOOOOO now!!! I will post all the leftover goodies to ETSY!!! AND!! BONUS!!!! I will keep the reduced craft-fair prices for ONE WEEK!!!! So Stay tuned!!! I have to run to the bank, but then I’ll come home, snap some photos of stuff, and start posting the goods. I will blog, twitter, and mailing list when stuff is up!


45 Comments on “Renegade Craft Fair, San Francisco (re-cap!)”

  • India


    Oh dear I want every single one of those shirts.

    Can you make sure to list like a size chart and all that jazz?


    • yup!!! will be easy since i’ll just borrow american apparel’s size charts 😛

  • Jules god sons are adorable. And good for them for showing a crafting interest!

    Everything looks really cool. Sorry that the frig door wasn’t magnetic. Bummer.

    I like the pillows at the bottom…pickles. YUM

    • I need to figure out how many more pickles to make, cuz pillows are kind of a large thing to have hanging around the house!

  • piper....


    Yay! You’ve made my dreams come true!!! Sorry i couldnt make it to the fair, my mom decided 8 hrs was too long…

    • 8 hrs really is too long!! I’m glad you got something, tho!

  • Polina


    Dude, awesome fridge! Wish I could have been in SF last weekend:( So much cuteness.

    • Matt wants to do felt club in LA. HAhahahah….I have to think about it!!

      • Polina


        OOOOOH! That would be stellar. Please consider it. When is Felt Club?

        • I have no idea. I haven’t done any research on future shows, tho, or if applications have even opened or closed already!

  • Polina


    ohhhh I want all those pillows even the catsup, and I hate ketchup except when it’s it the form of an adorable decorative pillow.

    • i am also not so much a fan of a lot of condiments!!!

  • Amanda


    It looks wonderful. I love the fridge display for your food knits too! That turned out especially well.

    • thank you!!!! yeah the fridge got a lot of comments!

  • Amelia


    I’m so excited about stuff on etsy – should I stay up? are you putting it on tonight?

    • i hope you are not still up!! i had technical difficulties!!!!! i have to post everything tuesday!

  • Amelia


    P.S. everything looks fantastic from the craft show. Really wonderful – good job

  • piper....


    When will you post on Etsy? It’s getting later by the minute 0.0

    • sorry, m’dear! technical difficulties!!!!!!!! posting on tuesday!

  • Lady J


    Sounds like you a lot o’ fun at the fair! I love love love that fridge idea girl!

    • thanks!!!! now i’m just so into making the display even BETTER!!!!

  • Amy Doan


    Well I was GOING to post them next week, but if you’re really just shooting for anytime before 2010, then I guess I can wait till December.

    • i understand prioritizing, amy. i understand the importance of the Snuggie.

  • Lelaina


    truly adorable!! >.<

  • abysweets


    omg’oshness..can’t wait for wat goes up on sale on etsy..aprox when will they be up? i wanna make sure to log in on time to shop me some goodies. =)

    • i ran into some technical difficulties tonight involving dead camera batteries and some laptop issues!!! tuesday tuesday!

  • Howie


    Wow, after following your weeks of preparation for the Fair, it was so rewarding to see your adventure turn out so well! Those happy smiles from your booth visitors must have been so rewarding. 😀

    • It WAS really delightful!!! I wish I could have video’d the whole thing!!!

  • piper....


    Amazing job on everything!!!

  • Wow..Your booth looks so darn cool! I never would have thought to use a fridge to use in a display! Again, I really, really wish that I could have been in SF over the weekend. I really hope that you participate again next year. Thank you for showing us the amazingness!

    Bitsy Baker

  • Kimi


    Can’t wait to pick through your craft fair leftovers. Whee!!

  • piper....


    when shall you be posting to etsy?

  • Jenny S


    Your fridge display looks amazing!! xo

    • Thanks so much!! I wish it had come with more shelves!!!

  • Raisa


    Wow! Everything looks just great! Your booth was lovely! And you looked so cute! I hope everything went well and you got what you wanted! Did you buy anything from the fair?


    • Actually, I didn’t buy anything! I only gave myself 15 minutes to run through the place, because I felt bad about making anyone man my booth. I have to get over that, tho……..or I’ll miss out next time!

  • Jules Chan


    So happy to see your day in photos, even if I was abit freaked out seeing Gabe and IJ (my godsons) Glad you met them, glad it went well but sooooo pissed to have missed it, just had the craziest 2days of my life!!

    • Ahhh I’m sorry that freaked you out! They are so cool, tho!!!!

      I hope everything worked out for you on Monday!!!

  • Michelle


    It looks like you had so much fun. I wish I could have been at the fair. I would have loved to have seen all the craftiness. Your display was just so cute.

    • Thank you!! Now we are trying to figure out where the heck to keep the fridge in the house… 😛

  • Jules Chan


    That was a freak out in a nice surprise way not an awful way. They loved u too and was sad they didn’t take video of and yr stuff, which they loved!
    Glad everything sold so well.

  • Classic


    Oh I wish I could have gone! So sad, born and raised SF, and now Im in the desert with NOTHING near as cool! BTW, I love all of your stuff! 🙂

    • Aw, thanks so much for checking everything out!! You’ll have to travel to one of the big craft fairs one day and shop! 😛

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