Rainbows Everywherez!

I was delighted to see this fruity rainbow tart at Whole Foods just now.

Also, a neat surprise: a ginormous arch of rainbow balloons at the Home Depot in COlma!!! Sorry I didn’t get a pic of it. You’ll just have to make a rainbow balloon arch of your own!

8 Comments on “Rainbows Everywherez!”

  • KimBurly


    That tart looks incredible. Rainbows are Yummy!

  • Hezzywoo


    yummy fruit!! I picked strawberries yesterday at our local ‘pick your own’ thingabob – they were delish but I ate most of them before we paid..

    • Picking sounds fun! But knowing me, I would buy a bunch and then never eat it!

  • Renee


    YUM!!!! looks fabulous!

    • I like how it has a front side and a back side!

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