Get (back) into the Groove

I had a very late start today and could not bring myself to fix my hair. The thought of dealing with hair product and curling irons was deffo not appealing with all the unpacking and crafting I really need to do!!

So, Post-Trip Style Tip: make it easy on yourself!!! Easy for me is messy pigtails accented with a big bow. Takes two seconds. Easy. Peasy. Poof!

Also, there’s a sneak peak of the new scarf project I’m working on: Easter Egg Radish!

I suppose it will be more like a necklace than a scarf. I might sell all the radishes separately so you can pick/choose your own colors and how thick you want the scarf to be. I’m not sure yet. I also want to do carrot bunches and turnip bunches. I’m really into having tiny little plushies dangling on scarves right now!

4 Comments on “Get (back) into the Groove”

  • Beth


    I have to say that I really love the new haircut. Bangs are so darn cute on you.

    • Aw, thanks, Beth! It gets kinda hot under there in the summer, I think!

  • Jules Chan


    OK, you look 100 times better than Bai Ling,(even without you doing anything to it) why did I deny you for so long!!

    • HAHAHAH this made me laugh out loud.

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