Quick Photobucket Hair Tour

For the sake of argument: I don’t at all mind myself in natural, long hair. It’s just that it always gets in my face so I put it up anyway, so what’s the point? Also, natural, unbleached/undamaged hair, is really hard to style since mine is SO straight and so coarse!

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  • robin


    I LOve your hair!!…fun to see so many different styles..and such lovely eyes..wish you could give a tutorial on how to do eye makeup..also, I admire your glasses..could I ask what frames they are?
    just love those too… your eyes just POP behind them!!

  • Mary


    I have been having my own hair dilemma lately, can’t decide on what to do with it. I might add some pink or blue…

  • Lelaina


    agreed. i have long hair and it just seems to annoy me. plus you cant get any height into it. think its time for the chop! i had to try it though, ive never had long hair before.


  • Melanie


    This was really cute, I might do a tour of my hair. I’ve had turquoise, bright red, purple & electric blue so far!

  • onion


    I think long, uncolored, unstyled hair is such a waste! I hate having mundane hair. Sometimes I get a little insecure because I feel that, as a girl, I should have long beautiful hair. But then I realize that having crazy styles is awesome!

    I currently have a brown mohawk. But I’ve had everything from long mature dreads, to pink mohawks, to blue buzzcuts, to pink curly granny bobs!

    I really love your hair the way it is now. I love your little pigtails!

  • Renee


    You always rock hard! FAB!!! XO

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