My New (Sucky) Phone

Okay, so, one of the things I take pride in is how few cell phones I’ve owned/bought. I was always really late on the technological game when it came to communication.

My friend Margaret bought me my first cell phone because I refused to get my own. She picked it out, and it was the same phone that the angels used in the Charlie’s Angels remake:

I had this phone for a kabillion years before it konked out on me, and I broke down and got a little black Sony Ericson in 2006. The camera phone was terrible, and I still had to txt people on the number pad while everyone else had fancy qwerty pads. Unfortch, this meant that Manda’s 3 paged txts to me from her iPhone were probably answered with stuff like “ok” and “no.”

Despite how awful it was to txt people, I really didn’t NEED a fancier phone. I used to have a desk job with computer and phone access all day. And then after I left my job, I was still in front of a laptop all day at home, so, having email and internet on a cell phone was just not logical for me.

When my Sony started biting the dust a few weeks ago, I decided to walk into the AT&T store with Manda and just see what my options were, and I walked out with a Samsung Propel with unlimited media. Apparently my plan was “so old” that I got all these upgrades for no extra money. Sweet, right?

Well, I can’t get the internet to work, and now, I can’t get the PHONE to work inside my own house! What the hell? Should the difference in phone change my reception, even though it’s the same carrier? I don’t use my landline, and I work from home. If my cell doesn’t work in my house, it is nearly useless to me. My mom says to return it, but I wonder if I will just have the same prob with a different phone, and it looked like my other option was some form of Blackberry (uh, do those come in pink, by any chance?).

I hung out with my mom today, and she randomly showed up at my door before I had gotten out of bed. WHY?! Because when she called, she apparently left a voicemail, THAT I NEVER RECEIVED, because MY PHONE DOESN’T WORK IN HERE! AHHH! Very frustrating. I guess I have to go back to Palo Alto to see what I can do, but if the phone works in the store, I don’t know what he will tell me!

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  • stevep


    sorry to hear about the phone…but your hair looks hella-cute!

    • hahaha thx, steve!!! i’ve gone curling-iron crazy.

  • QBug


    I hope your new new phone coordinates with your hair as awesomely as this one does. But, ya know, I also hope it functions properly.

    • Seriously, I just want a phone I can Bedazzle.

      • QBug


        They have a lot of bedazzling options for RZRs.

  • karrie


    A similar thing happened to one of my friends. I can’t remember exactly what the rules for this are, but you can return the phone. I think you can even cancel your contract and everything with no penalty within a certain period of time – you don’t get back activation fees, however. You should probably look into returning it soon!

    • I will, I think! It might be 30 days, but I’m leaving out of town on the 31st and need the phone, so I will head back to the store some time this week. What a bummer!

  • AJ


    Sucky ducky! Yeah, strangely enough we’re total twinsies with the phone experience. I too had the charlie’s angels phone until it crumbled to dust, and I too cursed AT&T when it switched from a little nokia to the blackjack. All of a sudden, reception in my own home super suxored. And that’s still the case today, even after numerous service calls and a national phone recall. For me I couldn’t try a different phone, since the bj was the only “smartphone” that I could get at the time.

    In your case though, I’d try a different phone…and pray that it works better.

  • Feli


    it may be the phone itself, and they might just have to replace that rather than renewing contracts and all that….but then i am in another country….i hope it all works out for you!

  • hinj


    I lived in a black hole for a while — no such thing as cell service within a block of my house. It sucked!

  • stepha


    the reason you probably have such off and on reception is because of at&t. reception and the actual device have nothing to do with eachother. the most reliable of all the networks i’ve been on is t-mobile and they have really cheap plans and phones. i have a blackberry myself (even though i’m always at home with a laptop, i still have email clients and networking apps on it. lol) and it and sidekicks are the best phones i’ve used. fun to text on, and very hard to crash. ;D as far as the internet not working, if it was an old or cheap plan that you got then you most likely didn’t get internet. media is sending pictures and video. and about the pink blackberries go, verizon actually does have a pinkish one, it’s really cute. 🙂

    hope i could help!

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