Fun Stuff Round Up!

1. Cute Cupcake Bow Purse by Em and Sprout at

2. Macaron Framboise Ring at Bird on the Wire/Suicidal Shop

3. Reconstructed Vintage Tulip Dress by Postlapsaria. It’s sold already, but you can still check out her other goodies.

4. MP3 Upholstered Head Board from I am shopping for a bedframe or headboard, and I thought this was so cute and funny!

5. This is just an adorable cake made by Heidi of I love it!

6. Pink Snake Dress by NewYorkCouture on Etsy. Um, I love this. I can’t believe I had enough self control to not buy this. It is kind of inspiring to make a Bjork swan dress of my own to prance around in!

7. I kind of want this Rainbow SnoCone Necklace by IndyGrrrlProductions on Etsy super badly. I’m also astounded I had the self control to abstain from purchasing!

8. Um, okay, my dirty secret right now is that I bought a BUNCH of these little Marshmallow dolls from scrumptiousdelight on Etsy. I know. Most frivolous purchase ever, right?! UGH!!! But they are so cute. And I want to turn my bedroom eventually into a girltastic candy colored paradise, and I imagined these babies on my princess-style make-up table, encouraging me to be cute and plump and pink!!!

Now I am going to take a quick break from commission work to make something new and cute for the next Boutique Angels eBay charity auctions! I hope it turns out the way I want!!!! Fingers crossed. Pictures soon.

12 Comments on “Fun Stuff Round Up!”

  • Rebecca


    Isn’t that cake amazing!

    • completely! it’s sad, but when it comes to making food, i totally can’t be bothered!

  • Kim


    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s all so good! I love that cute cake!!!

  • abySweets


    cake is super cute…will try to replicate =p

    and those marshmellows are the cutest..i dont blame you for the purchase ^ ^

    • I’m excited for them to come in, but I feel like I need to hide them from Hairy. HAHAHAH.

  • San Smith


    that coat is fantastic – and I had never heard of sick for cute before, whee!

    • I have that mixture of sad-but-relieved that the coat is sold! So I won’t be tempted anymore.

  • Claudia


    oh wow i always love your fun stuff round ups; so many cute stores i don’t know. i LOVE the Bird on the Wire/Suicidal Shop!

    • I’m glad to actually be helpful! HAhah.

  • Liz


    Twinkie, you have such a fun blog to read! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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