Small Etsy Update

I just put 3 styles of sugar cookie brooches in my Etsy shop. Check ’em out! I will also be adding two scarves there, hopefully over the weekend.

I’m also working hard to get an eBay auction up by Monday with never-seen-before themed goodies! Exciting!

Also, while in Whole Foods, I figured out how to have an “Easter” item without it being a Peep or chocolate bunny or easter egg (all of which I really don’t want to use as inspiration for items). I’m SUPER DUPER EXCITED to make this new item. It will have great colors. But if you have other Easter favorites that are not the aforementioned, I’m happy to hear! 🙂

10 Comments on “Small Etsy Update”

  • Vanessa


    I love those pink ones, they match my hair exactly!!!

  • Melanie


    Oh, those are awesome!

  • Beth


    Too cute! I love the peppermint swirl candies on the red cookies.

  • abySweets


    love the “sprinkles”..i want those.

    oh oh oh, do something penguin’ish…for easter..or for any occasion. wat ever you do, id get it…penguin obsessed. ^ ^


  • the cookie brooches are so cute

  • Alex :)


    OMG too cute :]
    where did you get those sprinkle beads?
    Im going CRAZY looking for those kind of beads :/

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