Fun Stuff Round Up!

Fun Stuff Round Up!

1. Awesome flowery hair thing by CutieDynamite on Etsy.

2. Plunge cocktail dress at

3. Pannier Skirt by Freyagushi on Etsy.

4. Sweet Key Caps from

5. Blue Raincoat, PersephoneVintage at Etsy. I love this coat. I love this color. But it’s too small for me.

6. Hell Yes Tiger Cameo Brooch by ModelCitizen on Etsy. Her drawings and accessories are really cool. Check it out!

7. Cute egg-shaped mini bowls from Target. I bought the blue one and the yellow one in the store. They are super adorable and right now they are on my craft table, holding sead beads!

8. Blue Faux Fishnet Knee Socks from Sock Dreams. I would have had these a few months ago, but I think I entered my credit card info wrong and it didn’t go through, so I took it as a sign that I should not buy new socks right now!

2 Comments on “Fun Stuff Round Up!”

  • shelby


    I love the cupcake key ring! I bought it at Forever21 a couple months ago because I just couldn’t resist!

  • aidan


    The key caps!!! 🙂

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