WIWT extravaganza & Giney Luncheon

WIWT 12.4.08

Ugh. I know this blog has become a wiwt-fest, but sometimes I feel like my life is too boring otherwise for actual blogging and photos!

Here are more entries with no bottoms because I’m just wearing jeans these days.

Sparkly pink striped dress: from www.GoJane.com

Cardigan: Target
Necklace: applenoggin.etsy.com
Hair flower: Tarina Tarantino

I wore this to go to lunch with my friend Margaret and my mom. We ate yummy greek food at Evvia! We were very loud and talked about marriage and babies and stuff like that, and at some point my mom said the word “vagina” really loudly in public while business people in button-ups and khakis were eating their slovaki and baklavas. Hilarious. It explains a lot about me, I think! Haha!

I don’t think about the colors in my outfit being very loud, but Margaret was also in a hot pink track jacket, and my mom came into the restaurant in this adorable and giant white coat with huge polka dots all over it. We must have been quite a sight in relation to the earth tones and navys of most of the other diners.

WIWT 12.5.08

This is from today. I went to Manda’s house in the morning to work on our hoodies, and somehow the rest of the day ran away from me, and I feel really badly that I didn’t get very much work done. Ugh. This is why I end up working until 5am! And I had to get up earlier than usual the past two days so I have been on full-throttle sleep dep. ZZzzzz.

Shirt: www.Postlapsaria.com

Cardigan: Old Navy

Necklace: applenoggin.etsy.com

Tonight I hope to wrap up a special order (I really don’t do many of these but she was really nice and has been waiting a LONG time and also she keeps touching base with me WHICH IS KEY!), and this weekend I want to work one more shop update for Xmas. Here’s to hopin!

p.s. oooooh I just opened some fun mail! Pics tomorrow.

2 Comments on “WIWT extravaganza & Giney Luncheon”

  • Andreanna


    Souvlaki! I want some! Greek people are all loud and probably used to people yelling out things like vagina. their customers probably not.

    You have the cutest clothes!

  • Lelaina



    I love always knowing what you’re doing (oh dear, i sound like a stalker), but truly, you’re such fun. Its the colour!! I cannot get enough of the brightness ^.^

    Keep on doing what you’re doing and stay yay!!

    Smiles, Bubbles n’ Strawberries,

    Lelaina xx

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