Couple Random Things…oh yeah, Happy Halloween!!!

1. I finally ordered a sample booklet for felt colors. I have discovered (rather late in the game) the awesomeness (and strength!) of 100% wool felt, and I have to order it online. Apparently, from this site, there are 61 colors, and color never shows up the same on computer monitors, so now I have a handy dandy sample guide to order felt properly!

2. This is how I discovered Bibi last night. Sometimes she sleeps on the couch like a person, on the throw pillows. Too funny.

3. I re-ordered some Butter Buddy button packs which I need to post at some point, and I have all this extra packaging!! I’m starting to use them as little note cards! This is a card I wrote to Vic when sending him Obama stickers.

4. This one is fairly self-explanatory…pink chocolate chip cookie mitts!

Be safe tonight, everyone! I don’t really decorate or give out candy or go all out for Halloween, so I don’t have any nifty cool Halloween-themed pics :(. Maybe if I dress up a little tonight and take pics, I will have some tomorrow.

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  • piper....


    where can i buy sum butter buddy thinga-majiggers?

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