Sleeping In.

Sometimes I like to marvel at how sucky my drawing skills are, but it’s still very helpful to me as I lay out new projects and make certain decisions.

We went to Whole Foods the other night to buy vitamins and supplements for the dogs (haha and not for us!) and I also got a box of these:

At first I wasn’t sure about them, but now I can’t stop eating them! The green tea flavor is very subtle, so don’t be afraid. I’ve almost eaten the whole box!

On Saturday night, Hairy and I went to Cabaret Lunatique not knowing what to expect. We ate a delightful cheese plate, had a drink, and enjoyed the show.

Even though I am not a super burlesque/vaudeville kinda gal, I did think it was a good amount of entertainment for $20. I told Hairy that of all the people we knew, that we were kinda the last people to end up at a show like this, and the he said it was like a Nick and Norah moment, and that we should just pretend we ended up there on accident.

Also our light kit arrived, and Hairy has been experimenting with them. I have been a bit lazy/unmotivated/intimidated about playing with them myself, but I plan to during the week. We got continuous fluorescent lighting, which I know sounds kind of weird, but there were many factors about it that I liked, so I hope it doesn’t turn out too weird lookin!

I woke up rather late both on Saturday and today, and then I get depressed about wasting the day, so I hope this week revs up a bit! I have a lot of fun stuff planned. A Halloween surprise, a Thanksgiving surprise, and other random new things.

‘Kay, back to eating cookies and making cupcake scarves! xx

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