This is a scarf I made for my cousin. When we went to visit him in the ‘Couv last fall, we went to a craft fair where we saw $70 knitted neckwarmers/scarflets. Vic wanted one but I told him we could visit a yarn store and that I’d knit him one. He’s in Hong Kong now and probably doesn’t require on in the sweltering heat, but he is a sweetheart and said he was cranking up the air con in his apartment to wear it :).

I also just found this:

We are fancy doggie parents!

The top section was a doggie dinner. Basically Bibi and Bunny eat 1/2 Honest Kitchen dehydrated raw food mix, and 1/2 frozen Nature’s Variety meat mix. Then we’ll switch him any additional goodies. Pictured are raw egg with shell, raw chicken drumstick for Bibi and wing for Bunny, and Hairy threw some parsley on top because Bunny has baby dragon breath!!!

On the bottom section, we have our highly organized doggie treats corner. I am a naturally UNorganized person, so I was realy proud of this! Haha.
From left to right: grain free doggie treats, dried chicken breast with mint and parsley for breath, bully sticks, and in the smallest container: freeze dried liver treats and freeze dried green trip patties.


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