Me in Inked Magazine.

I have no idea if the new issue of Inked Mag is in stores yet, but go pick one up!


Also, for a LIMITED TIME, I can offer you a discount code to subscribe to the magazine: 10 issues for $19.95. It’s a great deal for such a beautiful publication! Just go to and follow the directions to subscribe. Your discount code is “twinkie.” Go go go! (My issue, the May issue, won’t be included in the subscription yet, so you’ll have to grab that one at the bookstore!)


2 Comments on “Me in Inked Magazine.”

  • Hairy


    Get off the roof. Yer blocking ma view!

  • Candy


    Twinkie – I tried to get the subscription to Inked with the “twinkie” discount, is that over? It didn’t work???


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