QUICK 12 hour Halloween Blog Giveaway, 2am to 2pm!

GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to those who participated  🙂 🙂

Click the pic for a slightly larger version.

Sorry this is so last minute! I’ve been swamped with secret projects and custom orders and trying to put regular items back in the Etsy shop!

I’m making this a quickie 12-hour giveaway so that I can try to mail this out by Tuesday so the winner can have it by Halloween! Eep! This giveaway is for a super duper cute pumpkin playsuit by I’m Your Present and pumpkin/jack-o-lantern fingerless mitts made by me! I would say the playsuit is a size medium, 36/37″, bust28/29″, waist38/39″ hips. I’m a bit big in the hips, so while this mostly fits me, it’s a bit big on the top. I bought it in 2008 and wore it once to take product photos, and it has been hiding sadly in my drawer ever since! Please give it some love! It is a very cute light-orange/peach color. I made the mitts to go with the playsuit, so while it’s not a perfect color match and the mitts are slightly darker than the playsuit, the mitts are definitely still a lighter, peachier orange. The mitts are made of a soft wool/acrylic blend, with a wool stem. The face is 100% wool felt, that I adhered with washable permanent fabric glue and also stitched around in black thread for security. These two make a super cute set!

To enter: just leave a comment in my blog, telling me what your favorite Halloween treat is! For an extra chance to win, link to my giveaway on Twitter or your own blog, and leave a separate comment in my blog (so that I can count two of your comments). At 2pm on Tuesday, October 26, California time (PST), I will draw a random winner through random.org!

Have fun!! Enter quickly!! Tick tock!!

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283 Responses to QUICK 12 hour Halloween Blog Giveaway, 2am to 2pm!

  1. Pinkiblu says:

    Hi hi! Twitted about the giveaway at my twitter! =D


  2. Darshana says:

    reeses, always!

  3. kayte says:

    mmm Russell Stover peanut butter pumpkins. and necco wafers, even though they’re kinda gross I love them.

  4. Darshana says:

    agh sorry I can’t delete my comment above, but I linked to my twitter: twitter.com/pictureposy, just delete/disregard the extra post, gahh

  5. Kupkakeqt says:


  6. Beatriz says:

    reese’s peanut butter cups…yum!

  7. Megalina says:

    Hooray for Halloween! I have Halloween in my heart all year round.. so picking one treat is hard, but I would have to say that my favourite is roasted pumpkin seeds right out of the oven while I’m standing in my kitchen in my costume carving my pumpkin.

    I am a sucker for almost anything Martha Stewart Halloween related so I love Witches fingers and spider web cupcakes.. food related costumes… and food to go with costumes.

    Who doesn’t love a person dressed as a cupcake handing out cupcakes, saying they’re a cannibal?

    I hope you have a Spooky Halloween!

  8. Megalina says:

    Tweeted on Twitter!


    Time to jump in a costume for work! eek!

  9. My favorite treat for halloween (actually dia de muertos) are the chocolate & sugar skulls with names!

    Happy day of the dead! (:

  10. OMG! This is too cute to pass up! Even though I cannot fit the suit (can give away to a VERY worthy girlie though!) I am head over heels in love w/ the mitts!

    I have actually 3 likes!
    1. Toasted & lightly salted pumpkin seeds
    2. Caramel apples w/ nuts!
    3. Multi-flavored tootsie rolls

  11. mel says:

    my favorite halloween treat is those candy skeletons that you peice together 🙂

  12. Andrea says:

    My absolute favorite would have to be Candy Corn! But I also gravitate towards anything disgusting looking like gummy eyes and body parts.

  13. Lemmielem says:

    My favorite halloween treats are Reeses’ peanutbutter cups! They have to be the regular sized ones, though. Not the minis! The Peanutbutter to chocolate ratio is off with the minis.
    The regular ones on the other hand are the prefect balance of sweet and salty!

    I made sure to tweet’cha!

  14. Nicole says:

    My favorite is candy corn!

  15. Charli says:

    My favorite Halloween treat is a yummy caramel covered apple sprinkled in Halloween bats, ghosts and pumpkins. I love when they hit the grocery stores so much I have a Tattoo of Gloomy Bear holding a Caramel Covered Apple.
    Love you Twinkie Chan your Amazing.
    I put you on my Facebook.

  16. amanda ramirez says:

    i love tootsie rolls. they remind me of being around my grandparents.

  17. Muffin says:

    Skittles and butterfingers all the way!

  18. sara cupcake says:

    ohmygosh that is so cute!!

    my favorite halloween candy are the pumpkin shaped reese’s peanut butter cups!

    tweets too!


  19. Wendler! says:

    Oh how cute!

    My favorite halloween treat = caramel apples!

  20. My favourite Halloween Candy will always be Popeye sticks, I would shriek with joy upon finding those in my bag at the end of the night <3

  21. Kristen says:

    My favorite halloween treats are candy corn and coffin shaped peanut butter and jelly sammiches ^_^

  22. Taralee says:

    My favourite Halloween treat has always been the little lollipops with the gum inside ^_^

  23. Jesus Christ!!!!! lol
    Mary Janes ALWAYS!!!!!

  24. Lucy says:

    my favourite treat is a good old fashioned candy apple. sooo tasty!!

  25. Nathalie says:

    I love smarties!

  26. Katrina says:

    My FAVORITE Halloween treat is roasted pumpkin seeds. My family has no chance at a handful hahaha 🙂
    (It’s also my son’s first Halloween so seeing a chubby little baby in a monkey suit is the BEST TREAT!)

  27. Mike says:

    My favorite Halloween treat is pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! (I really want those gloves. I don’t really think the playsuit would work out for a dude like me though.)

  28. SammyDoll says:

    My favorite Halloween treat is definitly candy corn. Cute and saccharine- the best!

  29. shelbi says:

    Omgosh, these are so cute! My favorite Halloween treat is candy corn. Classic yum.

  30. viki says:

    when i was a kid, i always loved getting the gummy hamburgers with layers that you could pull apart. they look just like your background!

  31. Jaymi says:

    Candy corn!!!!!! And those pumpkins that come in the same packs as the candy corn.

  32. susan says:

    pumpkin beer ;]
    ps those mitts are adorables.

  33. Colleen says:

    Eep eep! My favorite Halloween treat is a seance in dia de los muertos make up with hot cider and blackened bat wings! Ohhhh, I neeeeed this suit so badly!!!! And the mittens to conceal my drool!!!

  34. Zia says:

    Super cute! My favorite Halloween treats are mini almond joys.

  35. Nikki says:

    Mini mr. Goodbars and pumpkin shaped reeces pb cups :9

  36. My favorite Halloween treat is pumpkin shaped Reeses too!! yay!!

  37. Mackinzie says:

    My favorite Halloween candy is Reeses! But I love all kinds of candy!

  38. Meg Wilbur says:

    i love reeses punkins and ANYTHING FUN-SIZE. fun-size candy means you can eat more of it, feel less guilty, and it’s cuuuuute :3

  39. Mackinzie says:

    I posted your contest on my twitter! 😀 http://twitter.com/meyow16

  40. Well I’ll tell you what my favorite Halloween treat isn’t…..those sick mary jane candies in the orange and brown wrappers that old ladies with lots of cats always hand out.

    My favorite would be carmeled apples coated in rice krispies!

    p.s. This is the best giveaway

  41. Janine says:

    I love me some candy corn – esp. the ones that are shaped like pumpkins!

  42. Em says:

    CUUUTTTTEEEE! Is this open internationally? Anyway, we don’t celebrate Halloween much in Australia..much to my dismay- so there’s no “special” candy or anything. I like to make ridic cupcakes anyway, just for fun 🙂

  43. Amanda says:

    I love anything mini-sized. I think it’s because I don’t feel as guilty eating them!

  44. Agnes S. says:

    I love anything pumpkin! So my fave would have to be a pumpkin spin on the classic chocolate chip cookies. Pumpkin Choc. Chip cookies are the best…mmm…

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