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Fun Stuff Round Up!

Doing some taxes today (yeah I waited till the last minute…) so here’s some fun stuff I rounded up!!! (p.s. I broke down and started a Formspring page thingie for people to ask me questions, anonymously if desired! Click on … Continue reading

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Thrill the World! Eaten by Zombies!

On Saturday, Hairy and I went to Palo Alto to support my BFF Manda as she led the dance in Palo Alto for Thrill the World. Hairy and I refuse to dance (I need to be inebriated to even jump … Continue reading

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To quote myself: “Me and my weave are outta here!”

So we will be in Houston for the weekend for Margaret’s wedding. I am packing my curly Shirley Temple wig! Today I went shopping with Manda AAAALL over the planet looking for red shoes to go with my red bridesmaid … Continue reading

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Jumping Beans!

Soooooooo I guess I am naturally not feeling like blogging as much with all my deadlines coming up! EEEEK I’ll be so proud to have survived October when it’s over!!! On Friday I flew down to L.A. for the day … Continue reading

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Ice Creams and Dainty Gloves

I spent 3 hrs at the salon today getting my roots re-touched. Feels like a huge waste of time, BUT it is so much easier to style my hair right now!! PRICELESS!!!!!! I also made a pair of pink wristwarmers … Continue reading

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