Renegade Craft Fair comes early to San Francisco! November 8-9 at Fort Mason.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 5.33.54 PMIt’s that time again! Renegade Craft Fair Holiday in San Francisco! But it’s only a month away! Before Thanksgiving! Get all your holiday shopping done SUPER DUPER EARLY!!! It’s November 8-9, 11am – 6pm, at Fort Mason. I’m already slaving away at some new designs for you guys, but I only have a month, so I’m gonna go dive back into my yarn!

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WIWT: Polka Dots & Circus Cookies

CCnecklace2Last night, we celebrated my dad’s birthday with a dinner at Pabu.  I saw these stairs and plant pots and asked Hairy to snap a pic of my outfit super quick! Mostly, we need to talk about this necklace by my buddy Fatally Feminine!

CCnecklaceI can’t remember what outfit I was wearing some time ago, but at that moment, I really really REALLY wanted a necklace with circus animal cookies on it, so I asked Aubree from Fatally Feminine if she would be interested in making one. AND HELLO. It is perfect. Even the backs of the cookies look like the backs of the actual cookie. DYING.

It is now available in her shop, and you can also get a single a cookie necklace as well as earrings.

As soon as I walked into the restaurant, all the girls oohed and aahhed over it. Most fun necklace ever!


Dress: H&M, Necklace: Fatally Feminine, Hair Flower: Tarina Tarantino, Belt: eBay, Tights: We Love Colors, Shoes: The White Pepper
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Crocheted Baby Groot Video Tutorial & Giveaway!

g1Groot news! I just uploaded a new video tutorial to YouTube to accompany my free crocheted baby Groot pattern! (I apologize in advance for the slightly weird photos in this post. They are video screengrabs shot in Photobooth… only the finest quality for you, only the finest.)

Also since so many people have been asking if I will sell a finished Groot to them (I have no plans to sell finished Groots), I decided to have a giveaway here on the blog. You have a week to enter via the Rafflecopter widget below (ends next Friday, October 10th at midnight), and I will draw 5 winners, open internationally!

g2I am running low on the discontinued yarn I used for my original Groot, but I promise to use an equally nubbly and tweedy yarn, which just may end up being a sliiiightly different hue/texture. I will be giving away the baby Groot only and NOT the terracotta pot or any pebbles or moss. You’ll just be getting a little naked baby tree. You have to supply a pot yourself, since I don’t want to ship pots and risk breakage or pay extra shipping for a heavy package. But terracotta pots are easy to find and are cheap, so I think you guys can handle it! I do not recommend giving my baby Groots to small children because of small parts and potential wiring. 


g4You will be able to decide on some customizations for your baby Groot, like the length (long or short, or as I labeled in the photos, “Big Baby” and “Little Baby”) and whether you want the body, arms, or both to be wired. My favorite version for snuggles is no wiring at all, but for posing, my favorite is a wire in the body and pipe cleaners in the arms, but you can tell me what you prefer. Please allow me 3-4 weeks to finish custom-making your new babies before shipping them.

Good luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Crafty Bastards 2014 Re-Cap!


Thanks so much to the folks who came out to visit at Crafty Bastards in Washington DC last weekend! It was my first time vending at this fair, and I’d have to say that it lives up to its reputation for being really busy and really amazing. The event itself is run really well, and we got free snacks and drinks, and even got to put in a sandwich order for lunch. Kind of amazing!! The fair was also in the parking lot of Union Market which housed a ton of great food, not to mention all the food trucks that were outside, too.

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In deep freak-out mode a.k.a. craft-fair-prep!

CircusElephantI have three more days to finish, tag, and pack all my crochet goodies and display stuff into suitcases because we leave for Washington DC on Thursday morning!! AHHHH. I am so NOT anywhere near being finished with ANYTHING!!!! I’m also trying to keep up with store orders!!! Not complaining, though, because I so appreciate the support. Just got a lot to juggle at the moment! :)

I can’t remember if I ever posted a picture of this (and sorry it’s so low quality…it’s really gloomy here today and none of my photos were turning out) but I designed this Cricus Elephant Cookie scarf for Renegade a few months ago, and I’ll be bringing him to Crafty Bastards on Saturday, too!!! Only two of them! Please come visit my booth, DC!! I’ll be at Crafty Bastards for Saturday only! The tickets are at a lower price if you buy them in advance. It’s $5 per day, $8 for both days, and free for kids. If you use this special code when you purchase tickets online, VENDOR14, you can get both days for $6! What a steal!

Okay, I’m going back into my craft-hole. Don’t forget to enter my September giveaway, too. You have one more day before I choose a winner! :)

ice crea,

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