WIWT: Icecream & Marshmallows

I actually wore this  a few days ago, but just got around to editing the photos! I am playing with some of the new photo actions from A Beautiful Mess. I purchased the Fresh Collection and used Phoenix on the photos below.

ICM1ICM2The amazing ice cream dress is from F21 last year. It reminds me of AhoyMiss because she was wearing it at The Blogcademy in L.A. I didn’t wear it for a long time because I needed to tack it in the front so it wouldn’t billow open, and I finally did that a few minutes before leaving for dinner last Thursday with my family and my cousin from Hong Kong. Also, I didn’t know how to deal with the open back. I really need to just pick up a camisole somewhere, but in the meantime, I wore a pink lace bralette from Victoria’s Secret Pink over my bra. It still has an underweary look, which isn’t my favorite, but for some reason it seems better to me than just an ugly bra strap!ICM4I was excited to wear my Marshmallow Charms bracelet from Yummy You! I think it made a perfect pastel companion to the dress. I’m also wearing a dainty necklace which was a bridesmaid present from Elysse. This was one of those rare moments in my life that I thought, “I need a necklace that is not too crazy right now!” Am I mixing silver fun jewelry with gold serious jewelry? Yeah! Whatever! Go twirl!

ICM3I love my polka dot leggings and cowboy boots because they are easy and comfy and lazy!! In my brain, they match everything. They do, right?!

Dress: Forever21 (s0ld out) , Bracelet: Yummy You!, Necklace: Elysium Jewelry, Hair flower: Tarina Tarantino (Was there a smaller one? I think mine is smaller than the one I linked), Leggings: Uniqlo, Boots: TUK from ModCloth but they seem sold out now.


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A Day at the Beach with Team Zissou

tz3smallWhen I knew that the Tako (Octopus) Scarf was going to be released by Yummy You, I really wanted to take some snaps inspired by “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.”

Manda spent the night last week, and I decided to kidnap her to the beach and take photos with me. They are just for fun, and I know the quality is not great. It was a REALLY SUPER SUNNY day, and there was no shade anywhere, but we just decided to have fun and take some photos and be weirdos together, cuz that’s basically what we always do. I’m pretty sure the family next to us thought we were really strange. Oh yeah,  I forgot to mention, it was really busy there that day!


tz8tz2smalltz9tz10Before shooting any of the photos, I’d told Hairy, “The outfits are not flattering at all,” and he said, “Interns don’t get flattering outfits!” TRUE!

We also took a bit of video on Manda’s iPhone of us being nerds on the beach. I’m amused that the first comment was “crap video.” Because, I KNOW IT’S A CRAP VIDEO. It’s just two bff’s having fun being back-lit at the beach and goofing around. The End.  Sheesh! WHY SO SRS?! Go twirl!

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New Yummy You! item in the shop! Tako (Octopus) Scarf!

SlideOctopus5I’m really honestly so excited to announce that we have a BRAND NEW scarf in the Yummy You! shop for all my sushi-lovers, beach-combers, and mermaid-dreamers!

We received so many requests to produce this Tako Scarf, and now it’s finally here! WOOHOO!

IMG_8369We had a whirlwind day of some super-fast ninja-style photoshooting with model Shannie Bee and photog/MUAH Crazy Spork I Am. Dance studio Dance Boulevard in San Jose was nice enough to let us invade one of their rooms for a little bit!

IMG_8506These ladies are so amazing. I just showed up with a suitcase full of stuff, and they did all the rest (okay, I did the driving, I helped!). At first we were going for a nautical/sailor theme, and then we also wanted to throw in a little mermaid magic. All the photos (to me) told the story of a mermaid dreaming of things she would do if she were human, like attending a human party, having a picnic on the grass, or learning how to dance.

I think we’ll be posting the full sets from these photos on the Yummy You! Facebook page throughout the week.

Until then, sea you at the mermaid picnic! RSVP ASAP at YummyYou.com :)

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Watch me launch my DIY confetti popper!

I made a video of me launching my confetti popper for the first time!!!!! Excitement!!! Suspense!!! Mayhem!!!

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 11.10.00 PM

Also, congrats to Kelsea Echo for winning a copy of the book! Woohoo!!! :D


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Revisiting Old Patterns: Burger Scarf!

BurgerCollageI received an order for a cheeseburger scarf a few weeks ago, and I was prompted to re-visit my pattern for it. I ended up taking a lot longer to complete the scarf than usual, but it was kind of cool to figure out ways to simplify areas that didn’t need to be so fussy, mainly, how my burgers and buns went together and were shaped.

I kind of forgot how labor-intensive the burger scarf is to make. All the sewing and applique-ing and ends-weaving took a million years, but I also think the burgers are so so cute! A lot of my work can be really tedious, but I always think the extra time is worth it. I was happy that my customer decided to go with felt sesame seeds, because I’ve personally always preferred that look to the hand-stitched ones.

Someone asked if I would be making the burger scarf pattern available soon, and the answer is: I’m not sure yet! I’m still figuring out what the deal is with Crochet Book #2, and I always like to have a grand plan about everything and make sure everything is in the right place at the right time, so I have a little more plotting to do before releasing a lot of scarf patterns! I actually wrote a big blog entry about the journey to Book #2, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to post it …!

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