IDGAF Kitchen: Those weird 2-ingredient pancakes made out of bananas.

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Have you guys seen the video on Facebook in which someone is making pancakes out of eggs and bananas? I can’t seem to find the exact video via Google, but it was basically like, “Make pancakes out of two eggs and a banana. And some cinnamon. It totally tastes just like pancakes.” Here’s a link to a pretty thorough blog entry and recipe on Our Best Bites.

Manda was out of town this weekend, and there was That One Browning Banana staring at me from the fruit basket. I have a higher tolerance for ripe bananas than Manda, but this banana was going South super fast. There is a point where I can’t even use That Kind of Banana for a smoothie because the smoothie will just taste too banana-y. ANYWAY. I decided I would be weird and try this 2-ingredient pancake thing. I took a nod from Our Best Bites and added baking powder, because I think that anything to make these fluffier is ideal. I made a 15-second video for Instagram. 15 seconds is hardly any time, so there is not much eating in the video…..


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It was definitely a fun experiment, but, I didn’t have time in the video to mention that you should do some deep breathing and prolonged visualization, imagining pancakes, and brain-washing yourself into thinking that you are about to eat real actual pancakes. Because it’s hard to un-think that you are eating eggs mixed with bananas, cuz that’s what it totally tastes like. My first two pancakes were REALLY WET (kinda like scrambled eggs are?), so I made the ones in the video a bit darker. They were still REALLY WET. On Instagram, I used the word JUICY, which is not really a word you associate with pancakes. Our Best Bites describes them like “the inside of french toast,” which I tried really hard to manifest, but, it’s not quite there for me.

I could see how this could be a good replacement for low carb/gluten-free folk, and I am sure there are more things you could add to this that would make it taste less like a banana omelet, but I’m afraid this carb-lover is gonna have to stick with regular pancakes. Like, if you could leave your eyeballs on, but turn your mouth off, these would be perfect. If you have a really good food-imagination, these would be perfect. I would probably eat them again, but, I just didn’t want to lie to any of you pancake-purists. I know you’re out there.

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The “Knick Knack” Mystery Jewelry Box from Alphabet Suitcase!

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I have another fun subscription box to show you guys! Lucy from Alphabet Suitcase asked if I might want to check out their mystery jewelry subscription box called Knick Knack, and I said, yes of course! She wondered specifically if I could post an unboxing video, so I uploaded one to my YouTube channel:

I don’t want to spoil the video surprise with any more photos, so have a look at the video if you’re curious about the Knick Knack box! The next one launches June 28!

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Guess What’s in Mollie Makes Issue 54? Hint: Hot Dogs.

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Pick up Issue 54 of Mollie Makes! It’s an Etsy Takeover edition, and Etsy UK picked some of their favorite Etsy artists/crafters/makers to contribute fun summer project ideas! They asked if I would send them the pattern for the hot dog sleep mask I made for my mom a few months back, and I said of course!

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I grabbed myself an e-copy via Apple Newsstand. I’m forever grateful for Mollie Makes’ support and always feel super proud to to have my work appear in their magazine.  Click on the link for all the info if you want to download the issue!

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See you at Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco in July!

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Mark your calendars!! I’ll have a booth again at Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco, July 18-19, from 11am – 6pm, at Fort Mason Center Festival Pavilion! I’m still working on writing up my inventory list, so if you have any requests, let me know! I had this fun plan for a mini-collection of patterns to put in a tiny booklet…. but since my actual book writing is taking longer than expected, I don’t know that I’ll have time for that. We’ll see!!!!

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Say hello to Jubly-Umph Originals… and win some cute stuff!

JublyUmphGiveawayJubly-Umph is an Australian artist who paints pictures in watercolours and indian ink, creating characters with mysterious eyes and curious occupations.

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She is inspired by rockabilly and tattoos, coffee and books. Her art is available as prints and jewellery, handbags and home wares.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 10.21.41 PMScreen Shot 2015-05-26 at 10.24.33 PMJubly-Umph put together a giveaway prize package just for you! It includes her Woolamina crochet girl necklace, sewing machine earrings, and a colouring book. Here are some photos of the giveaway items up close!

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.59.18 PMScreen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.59.12 PMScreen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.59.27 PM

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Just follow the Rafflecopter widget below for all of your chances to win! (p.s If you are new to Rafflecopter and think it’s weird, I just ran into this hand dandy guide.)

Giveaway is open worldwide, for ages 18 & over, and will run for a week until next Wednesday night, June 3rd, at midnight PST. Winner will be chosen randomly via Rafflecopter/, and winner must reply to my email within 24 hours, or I will randomly choose a new winner. No purchase necessary. Good luck! P.S. Please make sure my email address can get through your spam filters! I will only be contacting winners via email.

P.P.S. NO giveaway accounts! Thank you! A giveaway account is a social media account you use solely for giveaways.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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