Crochet Book Alert! Make your favorite characters from the Peanuts gang!

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My friend Kristen from Schmancy has a new crochet book and kit out! Peanuts Crochet (affiliate link)! She asked if I wanted to throw my crochet hat in, and I said sure!

You’ll find patterns by me in the book for Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Sally Brown, and my most favorite of all: WOODSTOCK!

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 2.58.50 AMI took some “behind the scenes” photos while making these guys, but this was in 2014, and I have no idea where those are now…! Sorry! We worked on Charlie Brown first to get the pattern just right, and there was a lot of back and forth with the Peanuts people to make sure they liked the proportions and the facial features (I kept wanting to make his eyes bigger and closer together…! Doh!). Then we based the rest of the characters on the basic Charlie Brown pattern (but not Snoopy or Woodstock of course!).

I hope that old school Peanuts fans get a kick out of this book! Do you have a favorite Charlie Brown movie? Mine is the camping one, “Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown!”


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Pinky Sulky Star Gazers & Girl Glue, from Mel Stringer


Mel Stringer is a super amazing artist, and I kind of just want to BE every girl that she draws. She kindly sent me a pair of her Pinky Sulky Star Gazer earrings! I for serious have not worn earrings in 8 million years, and I was like, “MelMel, I don’t even know if I have ear holes anymore!!!” BUT I DO.

Mel also has a zine called Girl Glue in which she gathers inspiration and art from girl artists around the world. Girl Glue 2 is out now and available in her shop, and yours truly is in there, too!


The gorgeous cover art is by Wishcandy, and here is a list of all the artists inside:  (from A-Z) Amanda Whitelaw, Cat Rabbit, Chelsey Barnes, Danielle Thompson, Elena Peralimonera, Gemma Correll, Glucose Girl, Hannakin, Heidi Kenney, Hellen Jo, Kirbee Lawler, Lilly Piri, Mab Graves, Maddy Young, Manjit Thapp, Marmushka, Mel Stringer, Natali Koromoto Martinez, Natalie Perkins, Ouvra, Rebecca Marian Irene, Rudy Fig, Sarah “Catface” MG, Team Kitten, Twinkie Chan, Valerie Brown, Wishcandy.


Hope you guys have a great weekend! I’m going to a Galentine’s Day party at Elysse‘s house, and then I’m powering through more work on my second crochet book, which I’ll blog about soon :). (If you guys have any fun suggestions for something vegan I can bake or cook and the turn into a heart shape, let me know!)


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Voting is now open for the 1st Quarter Crochet Awards!

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 7.29.38 PMAll the fave crochet apparel designs nominated by the judges and YOU are now available for voting!! Click here to check out all the noms and cast your votes!

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Strawberry Cake & Hot Dog Sleep Masks!

I totes forgot to show you guys the sleeping masks I made for my mom’s birthday! Strawberry cake and a hot dog!

cakeanddogsmCake1sm dogThese are just inspiration photos for you guys, and I don’t really plan to write out the patterns for them. Don’t forget, though, that the basic sleeping mask pattern and how-to video are right here!

Oh yeah, here’s a picture from my Instagram when I announced that I had achieved WeinerVision.

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Do you love pandas? Check out my necklace from Onch Movement!


When my friend Onch told me he was sending me a surprise package… I had no idea it would contain PANDAS!!! OMG PANNNNNDASSS!!!! These little guys are so cute! You can get them in a bunch of 3 like mine or in a bunch of 5! See more at Onch’s website!

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