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Gladee: so cute, you’ll keel over and die.

You. Guys. You guys you guys you guys. You have to check out the sale happening right now from Japanese brand Gladee. The sale ends in 6 days!!! Here are some of my favs from the Gladee site. Not … Continue reading

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Fun Stuff Round Up: Creature Edition!

My Round Ups aren’t usually themed, but I started noticing there were kind of a lot of creatures and animals on my list! Chibi Owling gadget case by TomoIsland on Etsy. I am in heart with this little owl baby! … Continue reading

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Fun Stuff Round Up Returns! Let’s window shop!

I used to do these round-ups briefly, but I stopped for 2 reasons: 1) my shopaholic tendencies go in cycles 2) I started feeling pressure to do them regularly, and I hate pressure! Plus, I think that’s what Pinterest is … Continue reading

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Shoe Therapy

So for the past few days, I have been battling a cold! This is a bummer because not only do I feel like crap, but I am also really unproductive, which makes me feel crappier!! It started off with a … Continue reading

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Fun Stuff Round Up!

Doing some taxes today (yeah I waited till the last minute…) so here’s some fun stuff I rounded up!!! (p.s. I broke down and started a Formspring page thingie for people to ask me questions, anonymously if desired! Click on … Continue reading

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