My Crocheted Gingerbread Village at Imagiknit

If you’ve been following my social media at all, you’ll know that I designed and crocheted this little pastel gingerbread village for my local yarn shop, ImagiKnit, here in San Francisco. With a full-time job, I definitely would not have been able to pull this off without help from two of my trusty crochet elves and my bff. It was a team effort! And we made a village!

Here’s a video of it in action, because the coolest part of the display is the yarn-bombed electric train!

The little people/elves that inhabit this village were heavily inspired by Mochimochi Land’s gnomes. I made little wire stands for them so that they could stand up in the display.

Manda helped me lay out the village, and we decided that a Big Tree in the center would be perfect. Time was really not on my side, so while I would’ve loved to crochet a tree, I decided to yarn-wrap a styrofoam cone instead. Still cute!

And no snowy village is complete without abominable snowmen or yetis! This pattern is based on the Abominable Snowman crochet class I have on Creativebug, but this one is a bit smaller and constructed slightly differently. While I was taking photos of the window, a woman and her son were watching the train go around. When her son realized that the monster was eating a person, he said he didn’t like it! Sorry, kiddo!

I hope that if you’re a Bay Area local, you’ll get a chance to stop by ImagiKnit. If the train isn’t going, just ask them! I’ll provide links to various crochet patterns in this project in the next few blog entries.

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7 Responses to My Crocheted Gingerbread Village at Imagiknit

  1. Michelle Waite says:

    I love your village! The colors are wonderful and the village is so creative and magical! You did a WONDERFUL job!

  2. Linda Murphy says:

    This is so cute! Great imagination and the train is really fun. Thank you for sharing your creative talent!

  3. Lee says:

    Very nicely done Twinkie!

  4. Terri says:

    So gorgeous. You make the most amazing things Twinkie. Wish you’d come to Australia. Merry Christmas.

  5. Karen Brathwaite says:

    Greetings Ms. Twinkie and I really love those Gingerbread houses in different colors. I was wondering will the Gingerbread house cozy kit be on sale probably at Michael’s in N.Y.C. I will keep looking. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  6. wooly brain says:

    Everything so cute!!! Just bought your gingerbread house cozy and those little elf patterns from your Esty store. Can’t wait to make a little Twinkie crochet magic ❤️ Happy Christmas Twinkie

  7. Awesome village! Have you watched the most recent season of Fuller House? One new character referred to the egg and bacon scarf as iconic 🙂

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