“Supersize Crochet” Giveaway!

I have a fun giveaway for you guys! Check out SUPERSIZE CROCHET by Sarah Shrimpton. I had the honor of receiving an early PDF of the book. It’s filled with 20 projects that all use super giant chunky yarn! Fun, right?! You can buy the book directly from the publisher F&W or from Amazon (affil. link).

The twenty projects inside range from big, colorful rugs, to oversized cowls, to humongous blankets, and more. The bonus part is that the patterns are fairly simple, so even beginners can enjoy the max out of the book (please note that the book is in UK crochet terms rather than US, but there is a handy chart at the back for conversion). Sarah also provides a Top Tip for each project, and there is a section at the beginning of the book that focuses on general tips for working with gigantic yarn.

I decided to make the Cocoon Shrug and show you guys. Disclaimer: I wanted to buy the exact yarn that Sarah used (Rico Fashion Gigantic Mohair), and I could only find it from the UK, AND THEN… I didn’t order enough balls because I spaced out, and there wasn’t enough time to ship more from the UK. So my first effort was kinda more of a bolero … which was fine, but I really wanted a full-on cocoon!

Here’s my rainbow bolero. Rainbolero.

Here’s my 2nd attempt: a purple cocoon! After my Rainbolero Debacle, I ran to Imagiknit yesterday and was like SHOW ME ALL YOUR BULKY YARNZ. Diane helped me decide on Malabrigo Rasta. The color that I wanted was a deep purple with black, but there weren’t enough skeins, so this is the color “Baya Electrica.” I had to alter the pattern a tiny bit since the Malabrigo Rasta I used was not quite as chunky as the Rico Mohair. I also wish that I had grabbed one more skein.  So… I feel like I didn’t achieve the full cocoon experience, but… it’s close.

This project eats up a LOT of yarn, but it also works up really quickly, and it feels so satisfying! Maybe I’ll actually make a full-size cocoon one day! Third time’s a charm! Plus a gazillion yarn ballz!


Are you ready to make your world super cozy with some gigantic yarn?

I am giving away one electronic copy of Supersize Crochet. All you have to do is leave a comment here on my blog, telling me about a project you’ve made with super gigantic yarn, or one that you are looking forward to making!

Giveaway is open worldwide, for ages 18 & over, and will run for a week until next Tuesday night, May 23rd, at midnight PDT. Winner will be chosen randomly via Random.org, and winner must reply to my email within 24 hours, or I will randomly choose a new winner. No purchase necessary. Please make sure that my email address, twinkie@twinkiechan.com, will get through your spam filters.

Although my blog is toward the end of the Supersize Crochet blog hop, do check out the other bloggers below for more project previews and possible giveaways!

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194 Responses to “Supersize Crochet” Giveaway!

  1. Laura K says:

    I’d love to make a floor poof or a basket to store all my chaos in. Or several. Or YOUR adorable cat bed or EVERYTHING!!! Haha. I think I am spending too much time with my yarn

  2. Quinnan says:

    Wow this book looks great. Love the yarn.

  3. Hazel says:

    I’m right in the middle of making a supersize chunky afghan for my husband to snuggle up under during our cold wet Scottish winter ❤

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  5. Marissa Sherrill says:

    I made a log cabin patchwork Afghan from a HUMONGOUS version of Bernat Blanket mill ends. It’s crazy colorful and warm, and all the kids love it.

  6. Projects looking fun esp dog bed just got new puppy

  7. Gina says:

    I’ve never used chunky yard either, but being pregnant with my second is giving me need to for quick projects. Poufs seem great to have around for my toddler!

  8. Emily Puckron says:

    I am looking forward to making something cozy for my grandmother because she is taking classes for crochet and is doing really well. I just want to award her by making her a bed for her dogs or a blanket to take to classes so she doesn’t get cold during her class.

  9. Emily Pickron says:

    I am looking forward to making something cozy for my grandmother because she is taking classes for crochet and is doing really well. I just want to award her by making her a bed for her dogs or a blanket to take to classes so she doesn’t get cold during her class.

  10. Kathleen Jones says:

    Would love to try any of these projects just need help from my daughter to, understand any of the directions. I’m 71 and just now learning to crochet

  11. Toni says:

    My cats would love a bed.

  12. Amy Georgopoulos says:

    I really want to make some giant pouffy cushions for my daughter’s room and a couple cat beds for my kittehs.

  13. Marnie says:

    I am in the process of making a chunky blanket for my adorable nephew. He is one and loves playing hide and seek with blankets!

  14. Audra (mod_lyn) says:

    I look forward to making things for my home like a chunky blanket or that lovely cat bed looks adorable! Another possibility is a floor pouf!

  15. Dorothy fleming says:

    I would really love to win your supersize crochet giveaway because its something ive never tried but id love to make a supersize cozy blanket for me and my 3 yorkies with the supersize wool and id upload you a pic of my final crocheted item plz plz plz xxx

  16. Emma says:

    Aaaaaaaaah I would love to make some super cute crochet clothes

  17. Cassandra King says:

    Humm wonder what a giant ice-cream pillow and a puff would look like would love to make both. I never used chunky yarn before maybe look experience.

  18. Susan Nichols says:

    I would make the cat bed. Actually. I would have to make three of them, since we have three cats, and they have enough to fight over already.

  19. Susan Nichols says:

    I will make three cat beds for our three spoiled cats.

  20. Robin Peterson says:

    I am making a big chunky cable blanket for my son , and your Giant donut floor pouf for my grand daughter. I love your designs!!

  21. Jill Deyoe says:

    I’d love to make some of the home decor items like the baskets or wall hangings.

  22. Jill D says:

    I would love to get a chance to make some home decor items, the baskets and wall hangings she has in her book look like they’ll be fun to work!

  23. Allyson B says:

    I would love to try to make that shrug or the floor pouf.

  24. Bea says:

    Woooo that’s so cool! I really love super chunky yarn (well, who doesn’t?), but so far I’ve only made rugs and I want to move on to poufs.
    Boleros are also one of my favorite things to crochet and knit, so your bolero-approach to the cocoon doesn’t look bad to me at all, even if it was an “accident” ;D

  25. Lucy Piper says:

    I am looking forward to making a big ole blanket/throw in beautiful chunky wool/yarn for those cold winter nights although a cocoon shrug may have just made my list of things to make… P.s your cocoon shrug is just sooo pretty!!! 🙂

  26. Nichole says:

    I need some baskets in my life! Sooo many skeins of yarn + my 3 year old’s toys = 1 stressed out Dad! Haha. Plus some new pillows would be rad! Love that shrug, too! It’s hard to find ones that fit.. and these could be more customized! Thanks for the inspiration!

  27. Jennifer says:

    I recently had the chance to help a kickstarter group making chunky wool yarn called OHHIO Braid. Being a part of kickstarter helps you back crazy interesting and unique projects, supporting new and upcoming artists and crafters in addition to receiving a little gift for your support! I’ll be receiving my first chunky wool yarn in a few months as the campaign was a rousing success! Thankfully they are including instructions on how to arm knit since I’m a crocheter so this is new chunky territory for me. ^^*

  28. I would like to make a supersize afghan. These look like the perfect coziness for a surprise gift.

  29. Jamie Leigh says:


  30. Shirley Pyng says:

    I would love to make cocoon shrug! Not sure how it’ll look on me since I’m pretty heavy…the chunkest yarn I ever worked with is number 6 super bulky weight by lion brand. I used it to make Twinkie’s giant doubt floor pouf!

  31. Nazdihelly says:

    I want to make a bulky cowl scarf

  32. Sara says:

    I want to try to make myself an oversized cocoon shrug for next winter ☺

  33. Betty says:

    I want to make a cacoon too!

  34. Janice says:

    I have made a hat out of super bulky yarn. I would most likely make a cocoon too!!!

  35. Susan Rogers says:

    I want to make the floor cushion because it looks really mod.

  36. Gina Lopez says:

    I will make myself a hooded shawl. I have been wanting to make one for quite sometime now 🙂

  37. Jasmine Ford says:

    How fun are these? I’ve made a hat and 2 cowls with chunky (but not super chunky) yarns in a bright turquoise. Would love to try the really super chunky yarns with the massive hooks/needles! I think it would be quite the workout!

  38. Jennifer says:

    I tried to make a chunky cowl but I didn’t have a hook big enough! I tried with the biggest hook I have, a 12mm but the stitches were much too tight. So my chunky yarn project sits in my unfinished project basket waiting for the day I get a big enough hook to work with it 😀

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