Happy National Bomb Pop Day!

You guys, I had no idea it was National Bomb Pop Day today!!

Rounded Corners

I know it’s supposed to be summer time and popsicle time, but it’s like 60 degrees and gloomy where I live by the ocean! BRRR!!

Anyway, if you wanna pick up a crocheted bomb pop brooch/hair clip, or pick up a pattern to crochet one of your own, hit up this link right here to my Etsy shop! <3

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7 Responses to Happy National Bomb Pop Day!

  1. Bunnie says:

    Now I miss their sour, mouth-coloring sweetness.
    Why do we never see ice cream trucks anymore? Or is that just me?

  2. Jessica says:

    Very cute! There are so many “happy national ____” days that I don’t know about, like this one!

  3. Grace says:

    That reminds me…One of my next projects is your bomb pop scarf! 😉

  4. Kelsea Echo says:

    Hmm, I’m a day late, so I should probably have two bomb pops to make up for it. =) Also had no idea they were called bomb pops until you posted this – so thanks for that! Heh.

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