Two “Macaronimal” Crochet Paintings now on Etsy!

I totally forgot to mention that I posted two crochet paintings from the Macaronimal collection on Etsy!

If you want to visit Cinnamon Kitten and Pavlova Panda, click here! :)

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4 Responses to Two “Macaronimal” Crochet Paintings now on Etsy!

  1. Yasmine says:


  2. KittyArr says:

    What the what!! Both of these would look perfect in my Kitchen!!
    I need to start crocheting again! Oh ill Instagram u a pic of my kitchen, I made a cupcake garland it’s above my sink…

  3. claire says:

    I can’t believe these didn’t sell!
    They’re so perfect!
    I need more money! :-/

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