We’re baaaack!

We’re back from our trip to Hong Kong & India. I started working again right away to finish and send out everyone’s holiday goodies, plus I have a big wholesale order I’m trying to get out ASAP and am excited to tell you about!!!

I’ll probably still need to work-hibernate over the weekend, but hopefully next week I can start showing you some photos from my trip!

And I still haven’t put up my Xmas tree!! AHHHH!!!!


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8 Responses to We’re baaaack!

  1. Mary says:

    Yayy! welcome back XD. We just got our tree today and it’s sitting on the back deck waiting for its final trim before it comes in the house.

  2. kitten eyes says:

    They have pink and black fake trees. Amazing. Lol.

  3. Miranda says:

    We just finished getting our tree up a hour ago. 😀 What color is your tree? I really want a pink one lol.

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