WIWT: First Date Dress


My aunt was in town for a few weeks, and we all went to eat fancy foods at Gary Danko.

I wanted to get a few quick outfit snaps, but I also didn’t want us to run too late, since we were also going to visit Chrissa at her launch party/press conference for her new gig as a VJ for MNET. We were only able to say hi super quick before heading off to dinner, but it was at least nice to say hi to her and Tess and Amy for 2 minutes!

Chrissa was too busy being an event hostess to be in this photo :P.

The dress I’m wearing is part of Elsie’s collection for Red Velvet. She asked Twitter to help her name the dress, and she went with my suggestion: The First Date!! Then I felt like an idiot, because she had already named another dress in the collection the Library Date dress, but she said, “It’s ok. I really like dates!” She’s the cutest.

The tights are from Celeste Stein. The variety of prints for tights is amazing!! But I think the fit of the tights is a little less amazing….. they get super saggy and loose super quickly. Necklace: Cicely Margo. Bunny purse: Rakuten.

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12 Responses to WIWT: First Date Dress

  1. cuppy says:

    YOU LOOK SO FLIPPING ADORBS !!!!! xxoxoxoxox

  2. Wow, cute dress! Yeah, not liking tights that sag … there is the urge to wear another pair of knickers over the top, but that’s just annoying ;P

  3. Janna Lynn says:

    I love Elsie and all the amazingly talented ladies of Red Velvet…and I love you…so this picture is superb, Lady! You look simply charming! Hearts, Janna lynn

  4. Emily says:

    The dress looks so great on you, Twinkie Chan meets Wednesday Addams.

  5. Kokeshi says:

    OMG… those tights.

  6. Miz Cupquake says:

    The hair dye you use…Is it Atomic Pink by Special Effects?

  7. Ickpoop says:

    Your Dress is not flattering. It’s too big, your too cute to be wearing stuff like that.

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