Apples and Corn Pops

I got an emergency phone call yesterday to work up an apple keychain for somebody’s birthday, so, I test-drove this apple. This one is too big for the keychain, but I think it came out pretty ok. Now I have to go to Imagiknit to find the right color: “reddish orange.” With me luck!

Also, for breakfast, I had Corn Pops. Hairy is very into buying milk in the bottle, which always comes with a layer of cream. Even after shaking it up, I seem to get these CHUNKS on my cereal.

I just kinda closed my eyes and went for it.

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5 Responses to Apples and Corn Pops

  1. Kimi says:

    Yuck! Chunks of milk are not appetizing. The apple, however, is adorable!

  2. QBug says:

    Tell Hairy that is gross. It looks like you have a pat of butter on your pops. /gag

    Apple is suuuuuper adorable, though. :)

  3. poptart; says:

    awww i love the apple, its so cute :)

  4. Roscoe says:

    Why not Apple Jacks?

  5. Miss Kitty says:

    The apple is super cute. Wow, that does look like butter on your cereal.

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