WIWT, cookies, & pups

WIWT 12.29.08

My long-sleeved kitty dress by I’m Your Present! I am trying to be REAAAAAALLY good at not buy anything from her for a bit (or any clothing at the moment)!

Today I finished baking up the peppermint swirl cookies. At first I wanted to bring them to my folks’ house on Xmas day, but I ran out of time and the dough has been in the fridge. I finally rolled up the layers and stuck them in the oven!

pswirl cookie

I found the dough not too pliable, even after I left it out to warm for a bit, and everything kept crackling and crumbling!!! So I ended up with a bit of air in my layers, which is sad (holes in cookies!). Also, I didn’t really prefer the flavor. I think I need it sweeter and more pepperminty!

Also I’ve never ever worked with nonpareils before AND THEY GET EVERYWHERES!!!!!!!

Today I also caught the pups cuddling in front of the space heater. Sorry it’s so dark. Bibi’s face is resting on Bunny for a while until Bibi gets curious and decides to come over and say hi.

Aside from baking cookies, I ended up eating a peanut butter brownie and left over stuffing today. I LOVE LEFTOVER STUFFING!!!

What is your favorite holiday leftover?

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10 Responses to WIWT, cookies, & pups

  1. Heidi says:

    I fell in love with those cookies on other blogs but it amuses me that, upon seeing yours, I thought they were pieces of ham. Up until about two years ago I couldn’t stand stuffing. And now? CRAVE IT. My mom bought some on-sale pre-made cornbread stuffing yesterday and it’s not great but I still can’t stop eating it. Though it needs gravy, I think. Though, really, what doesn’t?

    Also, you’re adorable as always!

  2. Beth says:

    We can’t get enough peppermint bark around here. I had to make up a double batch of it Saturday. The stuff is like a drug! 🙂

  3. Jackie says:

    Those cookies are cool! I love the swirl pattern. 🙂

    Mind sharing the recipe? hint hint

  4. Fluffy says:

    THAT DRESS! I want it so bad, damn it! XD

  5. San Smith says:

    I love that dress and the cookies look adorable!

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