Honey, I baked! IDGAF Bunny/Cat Donuts!

I have a lot of childhood Easter memories, but I don’t have a strong connection to Easter as an adult. The only real reason it’s on my radar still is because it’s Manda’s most favorite holiday of the year.

We have both been really busy and stressed, so we kept it low key, and I suggested we have a picnic in the park with friends.

For the picnic, I wanted to make kitty donuts, following the instructions from My Paper Crane. I have a mini donut maker that is basically like a waffle iron and makes very cakey donuts, so I decided to use that for my project. I kind of forgot HOW MINI the donuts really are, so my kitties turned into bunnies since the almond-ears were so big compared to the donuts.


I used melted chocolate chips, but should have thinned them out with something, because my chocolate was rather thick and difficult to work with, leaving me with some really mutated bunnies. PLUS, I used a store-bought gel icing for the faces, and it was a HOT HOT MESS! WELL, whatever, IDGAF! Maybe I’ll try with regular-sized donuts next time!


Screen shot 2014-04-23 at 2.17.20 AM

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New video tutorial: How to crochet a chocolate bunny!

titleI know it’s really last minute, but I made a video tutorial to go with my free pattern for the mini chocolate Easter bunny!

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WIWT: Gloomy Donuts & Happy Candy

Gdonut5I know this is the same outfit I was wearing in my previous post, but I just wanted to highlight the outfit, because, I kinda like it a lot!

The dress is from the Target Girls section, and I can barely squeak into it (there’s no zipper or closure, and barely room for boobs, so it’s good I don’t have any), but it’s the PERFECT shade of pink!!!

I was experimenting with a pink donut and wondered what I wanted to make with it (piggies weren’t really calling to me), so I turned it into a Gloomy Bear donut.

My necklace is by Fatally Feminine, who is also my collab partner on the Yummy You! marshmallow charm bracelet.

GD1Confession: I wasn’t wearing any shoes. Great outfit photo, right? But I was mostly focused on shooting some scarves and stuff for a magazine due out this summer.

I hope you all have a great weekend! I think we are having a picnic on Sunday! Hmmm, what to wear!?

Dress: Target girls, Gloomy Bear Donut: made by me, Hair bow: Miss Alphabet, Necklace: Fatally Feminine Designs 
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New Item in My Shop: Kitty Donut Hair Clips!

Illuminate-Kitty DonutsYou can now buy vanilla or chocolate Kitty Donut Hair Clips in my Etsy shop!

Each one has a slightly different personality, but they are all super sweet and cute! I was afraid they would look weird as hair pieces, but I really love how they look while worn. Like I have a little napping kitty on my head!

DonutTraysmI am going to make other colors soon, too! Like a striped maple kitty and maybe a panda! (p.s. I will not be selling the Gloomy Bear donuts, sorry! Not unless someone knows the Gloomy Bear people and they tell me it’s okay :P )

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Free Crochet Pattern: Chocolate Easter Bunny Mini-Plush!

CBhappyI have a super cute new (and quick and easy!) pattern for you guys! Chocolate Easter Bunny mini plushies!! You can use them as hair clips, brooches, ornaments, cupcake toppers, or just fun little Easter Basket-stuffers. I didn’t have time to crochet these in time for my Etsy shop to ship out before Easter, but at least the crocheters out there still have some time to make some of their own! One bunny takes me about 30 minutes from start to finish (including taking photos!).

ch6You can make chocolate bunnies of all different sizes depending on the yarn you want to use. While figuring out the pattern, I used a worsted weight, Lion Brand Vanna’s in Chocolate, which gave me a bunny that’s about 5 inches tall. My goal was to make something tiny and gold, like the chocolate bunnies wrapped in gold foil, so then I made one with Lion Brand Vanna’s Glamour in Gold, which gave me a bunny that’s about 3 inches tall.

Wrap them up in a little bit of cellophane and ribbon for a cute presentation! Enjoy!

Ch5EDIT: I just added a video tutorial for this on YouTube as well! :)

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