Judy Hopps Hoodie!

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Let me preface this by saying: I have not seen Zootopia.

To be honest, it’s really rare that I will see an animated movie. ¬†The last one I saw was Big Hero 6, and I did like that a lot!

Anyway, I saw someone’s little girl wearing this hoodie, aaaaaand, I had to have it! It’s from the Girls section at Target, which is way better than the Women’s section. I looked at Target.com first to see if they had the hoodie in my size (XL!) at my local store, and, nope! I took a lil 30 minute drive to pick one up, and it was so worth it. There’s even a lil bunny tail on the back of the hoodie as well as a Zootopia Police badge patch dangling out of a pocket. I will take better quality pics of it at some point, but I just love it so much I had to share immediately!

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FreeFor24Hrs Crochet Pattern: Hot Dog Scarf


I’m often kinda torn between posting all my patterns for free or putting them up on Etsy. And then if I distinguish between which patterns I put where….. I think some lines start to get blurry. While I love sharing inspiration and projects, I feel like my time and ideas are valuable, too, and while I have wonderful blog sponsors, it’s not like I make that much money from my blog nor do I post content often enough to make that logical. Pattern-selling in general is probably not going to ever be a living wage for me, but I do think that there is worth to our designs. I’m also not at the point yet where I want random advertising popping all over my blog. So, yes, this is a long rant. Sorry about that! I tend to over-share, but I’m still just trying to figure everything out, to get you guys the patterns you like, and to also make sure it is worth my time and energy and that I can pay for my wifi etc etc! ūüėõ


For now, for scarf¬†patterns in particular, I like the “FreeFor24Hrs” format. It’s like a “thank you” to the people who follow my blog and social media. This is a fairly easy pattern, and sometimes I like putting the easy patterns up for free, but since it’s also a scarf, I do like the idea of keeping all my signature scarves on Etsy. Again, I’m still playing with all of this.



Edit: FreeFor24Hrs is now over! Thanks so much, everyone! Find the pattern now in my Etsy shop. It was originally commissioned by Homespun Magazine last Fall, so if you were not able to get the magazine, now you can get the pattern!


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Let’s check out the YumeTwins monthly subscription box!

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 3.05.38 AMI got a really cute box of goodies to share with you guys from YumeTwins!

YumeTwins is a new kawaii box released by TokyoTreat.¬†Unlike other kawaii boxes, YumeTwins revolves around the “Yume Kawaii” culture, which is a combination of cuteness¬†and¬†fairytales with a touch of darkness. “Yume” itself means “dream,” so not only does Yume Kawaii center around cute styles, but it also has a magical dreamy feel to it. Yume Kawaii culture is currently extremely popular and trending in Japan.¬†Also, with YumeTwins¬†based in Japan, they¬†have more variety in inventory and advantages to easily partner with big brands to provide authentic licensed merchandises for everyone.YT1The¬†YumeTwins box will feature exclusive items from famous Japanese brands such as Sanrio, Takara Tomy, Amuse, Re-Ment and many more. The Debut box included an exclusive 20th Anniversary Sailor Moon Plush and was HUGE hit.¬†I was sent the July Sanrio All Stars box!


There is a mini-magazine on top which lets you know the details about what’s inside the box, as well as information about the current¬†month’s contest (to win more goodies!), and also some short articles about Japanese pop culture.


Here are the cute goodies!





The box included a Shinada Poodle Plush, Hello Kitty Randoseru Charm, Harajuku Kawaii Bracelet, My Melody Memo Pad, My Melody plush, Little Twin Stars socks (my fave!), My Melody Pouch, and a Harajuku Princess Tiara.

Here‘s where you can check out all the pricing details. Plans start at $21.99/month + $6 shipping and can vary depending on how many months you commit to. All subscribers are also automatically entered to possibly win their special Yume Prize box. Check out all the stuff that was in the June Yume Prize!

You can follow YumeBox on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Hope you had fun with this peek inside!

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August Blog Sponsor Giveaway!

AugustGiveaway2016It’s…… SUPERFUNPRESENTTIME aka my monthly blog sponsor giveaway! August is my birthday month, so I’m also throwing in some extra goodies from my craft room! Thanks to my amazing blog sponsors for generously offering their prizes. P.S. I’m about to change to a different company to handle my blog ads, and if anyone has suggestions (looks like Adproval might be the way to go) I’m all ears! PLUS, are you guys still into the giveaways? I don’t want to bug you guys if you aren’t into them, but just let me know! Would love your feedback as I make this transition! Let’s check out what ONE lucky winner will win this month!

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WIWT: Wigglin’ my way into my 40s in a hot pink dress!

PinkCollage2“I DO NOT DO BODY CON” is something I decided for myself when body con dresses seemed to be The Thing. My comfort zone is fit-n-flare, trapeze, and A-line. When Unique Vintage asked if I might want to help them promote a certain list of dresses from their site, I saw this hot pink polka dot dress and wondered, “CAN I WEAR THAT?!”

Of course anyone can wear whatever the heck they want. I guess the real question was, “Would I feel COMFORTABLE in that?” It seemed like the perfect opportunity to take that plunge and squeeze myself into this 60s inspired wiggle dress.

WiggleCollage1Why yes, yes I am wearing some Spanx underneath there. I don’t exercise, I don’t really watch what I eat, and I’m turning 40 tomorrow. SPANX PLEASE. Tbh, Spanx do help a little, but they are not a miracle. I still have a bit of a belly pooch, but I have organs in there, and also cookies, so, it’s just logical, and totally okay. Being okay with our bodies is always a weird battle, at least for me. We’re always our own worst critics. Especially with a big birthday coming up, I’m like… WHO AM I… WHAT AM I DOING… DEFINITELY NOT YOGA?… SHOULD I BE?!

Wiggle8msI should definitely use my gym membership more. I want to be able to run from the zombies when the apocalypse comes. I don’t want to be That Girl who trips on a root and dies within the first 5 minutes. I wanna be a survivor! Hopefully I won’t be wearing these particular shoes when that moment comes, but I sure do love these shoes a lot, and they are surprisingly comfortable, although the heel is pretty thin, and feels like it might snap off at any moment. You know, on a root.

Wiggle10smI also threw on one of my current favorite necklaces: a little donut gem with some girly girl pearls. I gotta be me.

Have a great weekend everybody!!!!!!!! I have no idea what is in store for me and my big birthday. Manda planned everything, and it has been top secret. All I know is that a) she called a zoo and b) she asked if I had any banana-themed clothing……¬†¬† <3

Outfit details: Dress – Unique Vintage (on sale!), Necklace – Fatally Feminine, Shoes – Amazon.com, Hair flower – Tarina Tarantino, Belt – some random other dress.


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