IDGAF Kitchen: Pumpkin Pecan Mexican Wedding Cookies! (vegan!)

PumpkinWedding2Ok, we all know that I am NOT a good food/baking blogger, so my photos are of baked goods that are THREE days old. But the food still tastes good!

Picture above are pumpkin pecan Mexican wedding cookies. My buddy Elysse (who has a new blog called The Vegan Sweet Beat!) came over on Saturday night for pizza, baking, and rom com (we watched Walk of Shame…. I give it a “meh” although A+++ for big giant hair). We used this recipe from Cookie and Kate. Our cookies did have more powdered sugar on them before, but, you know… THREE DAYS.

PumpkinWeddingThe recipe calls for whole wheat flour, and we used Earth Balance instead of butter or coconut oil. I LOVE ME SOME PUMPKIN BAKED GOODS (but not the PSL or any pumpkin spice drink…), and these cookies were super yummy! They did not end up quite as dry and crumbly as the Mexican wedding cookies I am accustomed to, but Kate mentioned this would be the case when you sub out the real butter. Regardless: YUM. Elysse toasted the pecans, and my kitchen smelled AMAZE.

BrownieElysse also suggested we bake a back-up in case the pumpkin pecan cookies turned out weird. Well, actually, the brownies turned out to be weird!!! (We still ate them.) It was the first time I baked or tasted a brownie with black beans in it. I have always been really curious about them, but Elysse thought this recipe was not the best, and the brownies came out SUPER DUPER DENSE. It was almost like eating …. firm chocolate jello, or I guess, fudge. However, they were better the next day, and even better the day after that, etc etc, so I think that having some time to dry out did them some good. Anyway, I have no idea what recipe we used, but Elysse says she has a better recipe, so if I get around to make those, I will link you!

Here’s us on Saturday night getting our PB on. I’m looking serious/dubious about putting on the peanut butter the right way, and Elysse is triumphantly zig-zagging through it all with a knife.

BrownieUsI have pumpkin puree left over, so, per Elysse’s suggestion, I am going to try making a pumpkin spice smoothie next!

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September Blog Sponsor Giveaway!

Giveaway September14Hi! It’s the 15th of the month, so it’s time to launch a new blog sponsor giveaway! This is the most prizes we have ever had!

Thanks so much to my generous sponsors for offering us these wonderful goodies! One lucky winner will receive:

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Daily Nail: Toadstools and Glitter Grass!


Toad1Toad2I haven’t done my nails in a little while, but on Friday, Manda came over, and we went on a 5 mile walk around Lake Merced, and then painted our nails and watched Coyote Ugly!

I saw some mushroom nail stickers on Etsy and was inspired to try painting some toadstools on my own.

Toad4Toad3Obvs, I am not the greatest nail artist in the world!! But what I did for the toadstool nails was paint the base color first (the light aqua), and then I used white acrylic paint and a tiny paint brush to paint out all the mushrooms and grass. The white background helps the colors pop on top. Then, I painted in the red toadstool tops with acrylic paint, and also some light green grass. After that layer dried (acrylic paint dries pretty quickly), I dotted on the mushroom spots and then gave the grass some dark green glitter polish to make it pop. Then the whole thing got a top coat of Seche Vite.

I really like how they turned out!!! I have magical forest fingers!



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Craft Room Progress

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 6.05.09 PMSo again the whole reason I’m making time to clean up is to take photos for a crafty-space magazine. A lot of my stuff is in plastic bins, but those bins are not like…. cute or anything. They’re just cheap and easy to get. So I decided that curtains would be the way to go. HOWEVER, I do not sew (yet!) so that was a big road block for me.

Enter: Fabric Fuse!  (This is not a sponsored post, but that is an Amazon affiliate link). It’s a double-sided tape for hemming fabric. I thought it was pretty amazing, but I could feel the eyes of all my seamstress/designer friends rolling at me. I also bought some tape that you iron-on, but the fabric I picked is some kind of weird synthetic, so I didn’t feel confident about ironing it. This Fabric Fuse has some not-s0-great reviews on Amazon, so I have no idea how long my hems will hold up, but of now, it’s pretty great! It’s not like I’m wearing my curtains around town all day long, so I think they will be fine. (P.S. I WOULD wear them, but the fabric is kinda itchy on the skin….. Yes, I was dancing around in my curtains at 2 a.m. to try them out.) I hemmed the top and the sides and just trimmed the bottom raw.  The curtains are held up with velcro. I used hot glue to glue one side of the velcro to my table, and then used hot fabric glue to get the velcro onto the curtain. Nothing has fallen down as of this moment!

I was also excited to re-purpose my EAT CAKE pompom garland that I made especially for my Michaels promo video. I love how everything came together! But even with the velcro tabs, this is probably not a super practical option for me everyday, since I open the drawers behind the curtain A LOT. They hold all my office supplies and some craft supplies as well.  Plus the EAT CAKE garland is totally in the way. But at least I have a cute option now if I ever need to snap a photo for something!

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 6.17.16 PMI still have a big work table that needs a curtain, but I ran out of fabric. I originally bought some other less crazy fabrics, but the fringey cowgirl fabric was actually the most fun and looked the least like I was hanging bedsheets. It reminds me of party decorations!!! It’s a LOT of pink to have in my room, but I guess I don’t mind pink…

Here’s the yarn wall.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 6.31.50 PMI LOVE NOT HAVING BOXES IN MY ROOM. But are there boxes in the hallway and the living room. YES. But at least I know now what I’m getting rid of. Update soon for yarn and knickknackery sales!

Sorry for the gross iPhone photos. I need to edit the good ones! Going to do that now!

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Would you like to join my group giveaway?

DonutMountainI’ve been totally working on picking up my space and sorting through all the boxes. It feels really good to do this, although, it’s hard to get other work done as well! I’ve been getting obsessed with creating cute little nooks and crannies, and I really want to paint everything, like my shipping-label printer, but I have to remember to just snap some dang photos for this magazine already!!! EEEP!!!

Anyhoo! My group giveaway is launching in 5 days, and it’s not too late for you bloggers and indie biz owners to pick up a medium-sized ad if you’d also like to participate in the giveaway. (You can also grab a large ad, but that spot won’t open up until Sept. 26 since there is only one large spot each month!).

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