Free Crochet Pattern: Hello Kitty-style Red Bow Shoe Clips!

bow6Hello Kitty Con 2014 is here! I am in LA, meeting up with my friend Candace from Super Good For You to check out the con for the first two days. I really didn’t have time to plan an outfit or make anything super interesting to wear, but I figured I’d whip up some cute shoe clips for my boots!

I wanted them to be kinda square but kinda puffy, too, so that’s how I decided to work in joined rounds to make more of a 3d bow! The joined rnds with the turn in direction also help keep that seam in check. I was going to put a little stuffing in them to make them poofier, BUT, I totally just plain FORGOT, and I just went with it because I had to go to sleep to wake up for my plane.

If you are not really into the whole shoe-bow thang, you can always use this in your hair, or strung as a cool statement necklace, or as an embellishment to your sweater, dress, purse, or murse! I have yet to walk in the bows, so I’ll see if they are too big and if they just fly off my boots!

(Sorry for the really crappy photos!!!!! I’ll try to take better ones at home!)

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Free Crochet Pattern & Video Tutorial: Cute Little Pumpkin!

Pumpkin ThumbI know that Halloween is just around the corner, but these lil pumpkins are also a fun project for Thanksgiving! This pattern is SUPER EASY and great for beginners. There’s really nothing to it! The pattern is below, and I also uploaded a video tutorial to YouTube. Enjoy!


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Check out my donut nail stickers!

Nail1I’m in LA for the weekend for a superkawaii pastel wedding, so I decided to give my new nail stickers a whirl!!! I bought a bunch of different sets from JSUtopia, and this is my first attempt at applying them. It’s actually really easy and essentially peel n stick n seal with clear polish.

nail2While I enjoy an evening of doodling on my nails myself, it was a real time save to just stick some art on! I also picked up some puppies and kitties and woodland creatures, but I really have my eye on the burger set now!

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My favorite Etsy shops for cute dresses!

A few days ago, Morgan, one of my customers, asked where I bought my dresses on Etsy, so I wrote her a list of places I’d bought dresses before or had favorites from. I have some other favorite pieces from various shops, but this is a list of places that I visit A LOT and just love in general. I’m probably forgetting some, but here’s a good start!

imyourprsentI’m Your Present

lynnsragsLynn’s Rags

missalphabetMiss Alphabet

PrettysnakePretty Snake


rustycutsRusty Cuts

nicolecareyNicole Carey

Let me know if you have favorite Etsy shops with cute dresses!

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Our Pizza Scarf on Hello Giggles!

Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 11.44.54 PMSo pumped that Marie from Agent Lover wrote about the Yummy You! Pizza Scarf as “Item of the Day” over at HelloGiggles!!!

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